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Re: [B&H] Reactions after session 1

Postby [ak][aramis] » Sun Sep 19, 2010 10:20 pm

Well... session 3 down. P absent.

S & J are sent "to make nicey-nicey with my Cousin, Minosama."

Risk to travel. Fail! take refuge in a bandit cave, it's empty, because the bandits are following them, and have 4 bu of immature rice. They hate samurai, number 10, and are peasants.... The J calls strike, and kills 3, S calls strike and kills 3, the remaining two attack J's character, and miss, but enrage him, and cut his obi... as he cuts them down.

They go into the cave, and find a banked fire, but in rekindling flame, J blinds himself, Minosama's son's clothes are found, a noise is heard, it's a boy, but not Minosan, but a good lookalike, he's peasant, and Minosan is not here.

J makes a wis wager, and I fail to make 10 (on 5 dice!) losing my 4 wagers... Boy is loyal to Samurai, and honest, and J's vision clears. They spend the night, then search for Minosan... He's a 1/4 mile up hill, safe, lightly guarded by two inxeperienced but naturally gifted bushi. And Heion, whom he's been smitten by, is in their clutches as well.

J calls strike... I compel his "Best sword stays in scabbard"... he opts to keep the honor and attack barehanded... against a samurai he's charging. Them rules say "Play Dirty"... I think that's dirty enough... but Yeah, he wins privilege...
He hits, knocking the sword loose from his foe, but in launching at him, lands his crotch upon the bushi's knee (sore crotch tag), calls a headbash to the nose as the aggrivation to rank 2, but fails to get his own nose out of the way (r1 injury to J), and then he grabs the bushi's top-knot and drags him through a bush by it (for rank three on that injury)...

Mass Murder ensues... resulting in two bushi KO'd, J KO'd, and J's guards and S standing victorious... MM is fun!
S gets 1st strike, and LOSES! J intercepts it, for a rank 5... He and his opponent face another round of wrestling, Rank 5'ing and KOing each other, and J's character is bleeding. (Yes, LOTS of wagers...)

The other Bushi strikes the gaurds... and loses. Takes a rank 3. S fails to hit him... The gaurds dogpile him (downed, but not disarmed, R2 injury)... and then he fails to hurt them, being KO'd and disarmed, and tied up in his own kimonos...

They investigate their prisoners, finding them to be Imperial clan, with orders to capture Minosan, but not the Emperor's orders, there are rumors that there are rogue imperial samurai, and that the Mino are rumored to be going rogue, and that minosan is uninjured... and also, J's character calms down, but gets blood on Heion, but only her kimono, and his kimono acts as bandages (ending bleeding).

They spend the night, then the next day travel to see Minosama; despite bad weather and mountains, they make it safely down, stopping by a bathhouse on the way, through the early snow, meeting also a loyal imperial bushi... and being found not guilty of the kidnap, and found to be responsible for the rescue, and the ransom was ready to have been paid. The captured samurai are forbidden seppukku at this time, to be taken before their imperial master... and the PC's sent home to inform their liege of Minosama's pleasure with them.

They make the risk to get home, but the fields have frozen (no koku from rice), but enough is harvested to survive the winter, and J's character has a crooked nose, walks funny the rest of the year, and 3 new scars, while the winter is early but mild.

They seek training... J acquires a new aspect: Man of Action... Invoke for 3d in mass murder, compel must take immediate action. J trains also in fire, S in Void. Neither gambles the gambling hall income...

S & J have really learned how to work, warp, and twist with wagers...

In re reactions to mechanics:
S is "Still getting used to them."
J is pushing things hard... and coming up with some great stuff. He's a natural at this style of play. Not at the setting, but at the style of play. HotB would be more up his speed, I think, but he's getting into the groove with Old Japan...
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