Critical Review, BONUS: Lifestory

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Re: Critical Review, BONUS: Lifestory

Postby jeffszusz » Sun Mar 27, 2011 10:01 am

I'll leave you with another thought.

I just want to say this one more time. I trust you.
As a Narrator, as a game designer and as a fellow player, and, finally, as someone who loves roleplaying games, I trust you.
I didn’t make rules to stop the wankers and cheaters and selfish bullies who ruin the game because they’re too caught up in their own ego to notice other people are sitting at the table.
I didn’t do that because I trust you.
I trust you to help your fellow players make your time around the table—no matter what game you play—as enjoyable as possible. That’s always my goal when I sit down. Maybe it’s because I started my gaming career as the Narrator, and I learned early on that my job was a hard one. Looking out for other people’s enjoyment.
I trust you to do that, too. And I hope I’ve showed you ways to do that with this chapter.
And with that in mind, I have one last question...

... friendly game?

- John Wick, p. 361 HotB

Friendly game means that I don't try to kill you unless you as a player think the risk to your life would be interesting. If I Strike at you, and win, and kill you out of hand, and you as a player are totally against it - I'm in Bad Form and the Narrator should intervene because I'm not abiding by our social contract.
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Re: Critical Review, BONUS: Lifestory

Postby tru3anath3ma » Mon Mar 28, 2011 3:52 pm

When I run a game, in a duel where one player wagers someone's dice pool down to zero, they still can't roll any dice and therefore cannot win. But the other player still has to beat 10 or else the Narrator gets privilege. And if he fails that roll and loses privilege after being such a dick to another character, you KNOW the Narrator is going to make him suffer for it.

This is a good balance, I think, to why I didn't initially like the method. Of course the Narrator doesn't have to take this route, but as long as it's a possibility, I like the mechanic. Thanks for your insight. You are probably right, that I would run the game closer to how Mr. Wick originally wrote it, and I can see why the rules work (with this style of game).
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Re: Critical Review, BONUS: Lifestory

Postby jeffszusz » Tue Mar 29, 2011 7:53 am

You can of course feel free to change it, or grab L5R or another favorite samurai game and graft the combat system onto B&H. It's your game, you and your players should tell the kind of stories you all enjoy telling. I just wanted to make sure you understood the reasons for the system as written and the kinds of stories it's intended to tell, rather than thinking it's broken ;)

You'll get much the same response around here for further critiques; if you say, "I want to house rule this because I think it's broken," you'll get an angry mob of John's fans telling you why you're WRONG WRONG WRONG. If you say "I want to house rule this because it doesn't tell the kind of story I like", you'll get helpful suggestions and pats on the back and possibly people stealing your great ideas :D
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