How do Season Actions work?

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How do Season Actions work?

Postby workingboy » Fri Feb 07, 2014 11:32 am

I gotta tell you, I found how the Season Actions were explained to be pretty confusing. I've read the relevant chapter a few times, but it seems contradictory to the impression I got in other parts of the book. Without listing the apparently contradictory sections, let me just ask:

- Do both players and the Narrator get to make Season Actions, or just the Narrator (playing the Daimyo)?
- How does your table go about deciding what the Daimyo is going to do? Does the Karo just decide? Is it through roleplaying during previous season?
- When the text says something like: "If your Daimyo supports a Sumo School," does that mean that only the Daimyo (Narrator) gets to select to improve that Holding, or can any of the players (assuming that my first question is answered "Both players and Narrator choose Season Actions") - or am I way overthinking that?

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Re: How do Season Actions work?

Postby Nihilistic Mind » Thu Mar 20, 2014 9:26 am

Hi Workingboy!

Looks like your question has gone unanswered for some time so I will make it a point to look it up tonight. I have not run or played this game in a long time so I'll take a look and figure it out for you!
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Re: How do Season Actions work?

Postby PandaDad » Mon Mar 31, 2014 12:56 pm

I don't know about an 'official' answer, but this part of the game always reminds me of those little "at court" sequences in Romance of the Three Kingdoms-(Roman Numeral) where your officer is handed their orders for the coming season after maybe requesting a particular assignment.

As I understand it, the process is supposed to work thusly: The Daimyo is the one with the Season actions. The player characters may, if they wish, offer suggestions to the Daimyo (ie make a Beauty Risk) with the winner getting to convince the boss what to do this season. If nobody gets privilege, the Narrator decides. If nobody takes a Risk, the Narrator decides. If the Daimyo is Mad, all bets are off...and the Narrator decides. Alternately, I could see a given Daimyo trusting one particular member of the court each season to propose actions (Seneschal this season, the General next, the Spymaster after that, and so on).

Obviously, one must trust the Narrator (*cough*cough*) to take events from previous play into account when making any decisions!

Speaking personally, I have been known to give Honor to samurai who show due humility and use their success in swaying their Daimyo to benefit another member of the court instead of themselves. That the other samurai so gifted might now be seen to 'owe' a favor is a regrettable yet understandable error.

(By comparison, when World of Dew arrives, you will find that Season Actions are once again an individual thing...but that is another post entirely!)
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