A World of Dew's Kickstarter is a Go!

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A World of Dew's Kickstarter is a Go!

Postby wunderworks » Tue May 13, 2014 7:42 pm

It just launched this morning! Go check it out at: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/38 ... aying-game

We've kicked and already working towards the first Stretch Goal!
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Re: A World of Dew's Kickstarter is a Go!

Postby PandaDad » Wed May 14, 2014 10:13 am

This is what I get for not logging in yesterday! Alas, I cannot count myself among the first 47 bold supporters of this effort. Let me verify with my Seneschal that the roku designated for this have not been infested with kappa droppings or the like.

Gotta tell the rest of the playtest team, too.

UPDATE: tribute is en route, o Shogun, and the others have been notified!
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