World of Dew house rule idea

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World of Dew house rule idea

Postby PandaDad » Fri Aug 22, 2014 12:19 pm

Just had one of those moments of satori that sneak up on me like a ninja in a rainstorm...may use this as a house rule in my next campaign if the option about Virtue Flaws are in effect (as is likely). I hesitate to give it a snappy name like "Weakness Advantage" to maintain the symmetry involved.

Instead of taking another Advantage to balance out your Virtue Flaw, select one of the three options listed for your Weakness. Under the listed conditions, you treat your Weakness as though it had a value of 2.

Without going too much into the blender of peculiarities that is my normal thought process, my idea here is that nobody is ever completely without some capacity in those areas covered by any given Virtue. Thus, at the loss of a teeny bit of simplicity, we get a tad more nuance.

(Plus I already ran it past wunderworks, and he likes it. :D So from drawing board to pending application it goes. YMMV)

(Edit...because Bold didn't stand out quite enough to make clear which part of this was the proposed House Rule.)
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