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House of the Spider

Postby shadowclasper » Sun Mar 09, 2014 9:31 pm

Virtue: Patience
Names: No names remain on record of the Spider, they were scoured from history, and no spider wears them any longer.
Motto: We Wait.

When time began, the spider sat at the center of her web. She saw her web was weak, she saw herself as weak, but she saw opportunity from the Serpent. The Serpent sought Wisdom. He sought out answers. The Spider sat at the center of her web and thought, and then she told him of what lay at the center of the world, a deep well of knowledge. Before he could arrive, she crept into the well and spun her web there as well, blocking it so it could not speak except through her. The spider was the one who tricked the Serpent at the center of the world into giving up his arms and his legs, and taking them for herself. She took his hair, and spun it into her webs to strengthen them. She took his ears, and planted them where they might hear everything unnoticed. She then asked for his poison, but that he would not give. In her fury, she only gave part of the answers the well gave her. She gave him answers that lead only to more questions.

This is why spider's have 8 legs, it is why their webs are so strong, it is why they can hear everything through the threads of their webs, and it is why the Spider's venom only paralyzes, but never kills like the Serpent's.

How the Spider fell from grace and became undone is lost to history. A great crime, a great plan, plans within plans that manipulated the other houses like flies in a web. Some say they sought to place themselves above all others, but a few whisper the spider sought to exterminate all of it's rivals entirely.

What is known is that the Spider, to the best knowledge of the Senate, was exterminated to the last child.

But the Spider is patient, and the spider watches and waits.

The Blooded of the Spider are hidden throughout the other houses, even amongst the Boar and the Horse. They pretend and they act their parts. There are blooded-spiders amongst the dirt-nobles, and amongst the lowest veth. There are even, they say, blooded amongst the ork tribes.

Spider's Patience.

A character’s Patience represents his ability to make plans within plans within plans, waiting for just the right moment to spring them. It is much like cunning, but it goes beyond cunning. Cunning allows you to see the world around you and to plan. Patience allows you to lay traps within apparent defeat, to make the world tap dance to your strings. Cunning is about the feint within the feint, Patience is about apparently taking a massive (but not fatal) wound during the duel, only for your opponent to find out months later (if at all) that taking that wound allowed you to meet with his personal doctor and arrange for his assassination in the months that follow. Waiting. And arranging things so that wait pays off.

If you choose Patience as one of your Virtues, you are a master puppeteer, you lay plans beyond what normal men would consider, you play the long game, waiting years, even decades, for your plans to bear fruit. You do not merely set up contingencies for if things do not go your way, you set it up so that even the most devastating defeat always plays into your master plan.

If you do not choose Patience then you think mostly in straight lines. Your plans are straight forward, they have immediate results, and you do not mask your plans within plans, you may consider the long game, but you don't plan for the whorls and spirals of intrigue that are the mark of the spider.

Whenever you wager on something and get those wagers. You may roll Patience and make wagers on it too, up to as many as you wagered on the previous roll. If you pass your Patience roll, for every 2 patience wagers, you may bank an effect from the current roll. Write down what the risk was made about, and how many effects you have banked. You may deploy these effects at ANY time, even during someone else's privilege, even during the Narrator's privilege. You must spend a style point to do this, but then you may use as few or as many effects as you like. If you do so, you give your style point to whoever's privilege you are impinging upon. If you are adding effects to your own or the narrator's privilege, then the style point is simply spent.

changed deviousness to patience.

added motto, and names of a sort.

so just read the second chapter of wicked words, looks like the spider is a criminal and urban focused veiled house. I was going to put that as the Wasp in my interpretation. Can't wait to see Slumming when it comes out.
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Re: House of the Spider

Postby Mortimer_Phist » Fri Dec 04, 2015 11:20 am

I use Patience in a bit different way. You can roll it in the beginning of any scene. Then keep your wagers (and privelege). Any time in this scene you can spend a privelege or a wager to add something you've prepaired before. And for poisoning it works too. In the end of the scene you can convert your unspent wagers into style.

For example, my Spider character works as a seneshal of Count Rathal. In the beginning of the great banquet I roll his Patience (5) with 2 wagers. I roll 3 dice: 3,4,4. I've got the privilege and two wagers.

My goal is to prevent my lord from making contract with Lady No. So I spend the privelege when Lady drinks her wine. "It's poisoned" I say. Lady No dies horribly. The investigation begins, so I spend a wager: "They found that the servant that brought her the glass was bribed", I say, spending the wager. And spend the second one: "He is sure that Count Kether paid him".
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