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House of the Wasp

Postby shadowclasper » Mon Mar 10, 2014 2:54 am

Virtue: Unity
Names: Yvanne, Drellin, Missinith, Saverin
Motto: We Guard the Eternal.

The House of the Wasp is an unusual case of the veiled houses in that while it is veiled, outcast, technically undone. It is still, to a greater or lesser extent, still existing within the the boundries of the republic proper.

The Horse hides themselves amongst the other houses and within the senate's enforcers. The Boar fled to beyond the reach of the republic. The Spider hide themselves within all levels of society.

The Wasp operates more or less openly, though few of them are blooded, and those of them that are work hard to hide this truth. They operate as an open secret, much as the Blood of the Hawk once did until 20 years ago, though the Wasp operates in the cities and urban centers, much as it always has. For the Blood of the Wasp are united like no other house.

The Blood of the Wasp operate on a different sort of familial and political structure than any other Ven House, this is probably part of the reason why they were veiled to begin with. The other reason seems to be with how they functioned with the Veth. The Veth under the Wasp were seen as little more than extensions of the Blooded House, worker bees to the drones, warriors, and queens that ruled the House of the Wasp. How this treatment translated exactly is unclear, but two things are known.
1) The system was rigedly guarded. Everyone had their place within the structure of the wasp, and stepping out of it was instant death.
2) The focus on the structure was unity and loyalty to the House itself above all other things, even the veth ruled by the House of the Wasp were indoctrinated to this.

Now, with their House veiled, and the rise of the merchant lords, the Wasp is taking advantage of this, turning their unity towards forming vast trade networks and powerful industries. They only blood a few of their members, those just below the most public layers of power. These are their aces in the hole, and many are the true powers behind the throne. When the Wasp once again walks unveiled, they will show their true force, and the number of blooded they have on their side against those houses that would seek to deny them their rightful place. Until that day, the Wasp will wait and build their hives in the great trade hubs of the republic.

To this day, they have a monopoly on one of the most addictive substances. The other houses tried to steal the recipe from them, but Eternal Honey remains firmly in the hands of the Wasp, veiled or not. It is said that one drop of Eternal Honey will leave a body eternally thirsting for it ever more, all food from then on will be like ash on the tongue, all drink like mud down the throat. If Honey is the ambrosia of the gods, Eternal Honey is their opium. The Wasp continues to use this, leveraging control, ever so slowly, over the underworld and merchantile castes. The Veth who they control will never be swayed from them, for that would threaten the loss of their supply of Eternal Honey. Some claim this is the source of their tremendous unity and the first step in indoctrinating even simple dirt to giving up everything for their house.

It is also said that something treated with Eternal Honey will never show signs of aging. It is a tremendously powerful preservative, even more so than normal honey.

Wasp's Unity.

A character’s Unity represents his ability to pull together for a common goal, not necessarily the common good, nor the personal good, but a common goal. You might sacrifice yourself for this goal, or sacrifice others for it, but the importance lies with the goal, not with what is good personally or universally.

If you choose Unity as one of your Virtues, then you are not just a team player, you are a team leader, capable of inspiring those working around you, with you, and under you to strive together for a common goal even when everyone concerned would otherwise be at each other's throats. You accomplish this with a mix of charisma and discipline.

If you do not choose Unity then you are not a team player. You can convince others to work for you or towards a goal by tricking them, by coercing them, but not through personal leadership, charisma, and a sense of community.

Roll Unity whenever you are in a group and everyone is working together for a common goal, but before the actual risk roll is made. For every two wagers on a successful roll, everyone involved in the cooperative action receives a bonus die. This can be used in mass combat, and it can give units such as secret armies, roadmen, and personal guard bonus dice above and beyond their rank.

In addition to this, you can roll unity for season actions. Whenever you have an action that you can normally only contribute one season action a season towards (such as constructing a village or castle or similar). Roll Unity, for every 5 wagers on a successful roll, another person, either peer or vassal, has been convinced not only to work on that same project that season, but to assist in building it in a coordinated fashion so that it can be built even faster than normal. If you make 5 wagers, you could devote an action to building a castle in your province, and your spouse could also devote an action to building that same castle, speeding up it's construction enormously.

Note: If you are required to do something detrimental to yourself because of a Unity check, you must also roll and pass a Service or Courage risk. The same applies to others who are brought into a Unity roll.

For example. If you are going to sacrifice yourself in a team manuver in mass combat against a particularly tough Ork, say by grappling it and pinning it so that your allies can stab it by stabbing you through as well, that would require first a Unity roll, for the unusual amount of teamwork in such an event, and before that, a Service or Courage risk.

added a house motto and details on the Wasp's primary product. Eternal honey.
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Re: House of the Wasp

Postby Mortimer_Phist » Fri Dec 04, 2015 11:08 am

Cool. In my game I use the House of the Wasp as a house of Rogues, Bandits and Pirates, the House of warriors who openly rejected the Sixth Law, and so had to live as outcasts. They gather armies, bands and pirate crews, being blatant cut-throats, still remaining Blooded.

Unity still works perfectly.
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