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All About War

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Moryandal Uvan, Fashuva of War
Titles: The Greatest General, Bloody-Hands.

War is forbidden. Most forbidden. No Ven engage in War. The Senate destroys those who would raise an Army in secret.
This is a lie.
Armies raised in secret are common. Men and women, garbed in black, armed with spears. Ven knights, astride mighty horses and with gleaming swords, dealing savage, brutish violence in the name of their lieges.
Blood watering the fields for for nameless battles and quiet wars.
War is forbidden.
And Moryandal Uvan was the greatest General who ever engaged in it.
Worship of Moryandal Uvan is forbidden. His cult would bring red war to Shanri, turn Ven against Ven. Consume civilization in the campfires of the armies.
But his shrines are everywhere. On any field watered with the blood of Ven engaged in war. In any castle that hosts a general. In the relics held by black-clad soldiers.
War is forbidden. Worshipping Moryandal Uvan is forbidden. And both are far more common than the Senate is comfortable admitting.

Symbol: Thirteen spears, bound together.

Worship: The worship Moryandal Uvan is characterized by one thing: War. Mass Mayhem. A Ven who bears Devotion to Moryandal Uvan must engage in Conquest Actions or other Mass Mayhem at least once per rank of Devotion he has towards Moryandal Uvan per Season, or face his Wrath. Note, that defending yourself is as acceptable to Moryandal Uvan as attacking another- but bloodless conquest by poison or diplomacy does nothing to satisfy Bloody-Hands.
Alternatively, destroying a Holding or reducing the Rank of a Region by 1 outside of Conquest counts as an instance of Mass Mayhem for these purposes. Black legends speak of generals putting their own lieges castles to the torch and villages to the sword, blood-drunk in the name of the Greatest General.

Blessings of Moryandal Uvan

Soldiers Without End
By spending 1 Style per Season, you may maintain a Secret Army in excess of the normal maximum. Increase the maximum size of the Secret Army you can maintain by your Devotion.

The Greatest General Never Dies
If you are leading Mass Mayhem, and are targeted for a Rank 5 Injury, you may spend 1 Style to redirect the Injury to another Ven in your place.

Spears Like Wheat In the Field
If a Secret Army you control would be detected in a Province you control (either by a rival's Espionage action or by the vashna of the Senate), you may spend 3 Style to reject this detection. (Spears Like Wheat in the Field does not prevent a rival from lying about knowing you have a Secret Army, it only prevents them from gaining concrete evidence of such)

Two Rise Where One Falls
When recruiting for a Secret Army, you may spend Style up to your Devotion to Moryandal Uvan. Increase the Rank of your Secret Army by (1 + the amount of Style spent) instead of by 1 for this Season.

Blood for the Bloody-Hand
If you are leading Mass Mayhem, you may spend Style up to your Devotion. For each Style you spend in this fashion, increase the number of dice you gather for the Risk by 1.

The Victor, the Spoils
When engaging in a Conquest season action, you may spend 3 Style. Add your Devotion to your Wagers; these may only be used to destroy the Region or the opposing force. You may not spend any wagers cancelling the incidental damage of these Wagers.

None Gainsay the General
Spend 2 Style to negate any other Suaven's blessing if it would impact the course of a Conquest action or Mass Mayhem you're participating in.

New Season Action!
* Conquest
Conquest is a bloody action, intended to move the Loyalty of a Region from it's current owner and towards you.
Conquest is a Prowess Risk. You may add the Rank of your Personal Guard and Secret Army to the gathered dice. You must have at least one Rank of Personal Guard or Secret Army in order to engage in a Conquest action, and cannot gather more than double the rank of your (Personal Guard + Secret Army) in dice.
If you have engaged an Espionage Action to spy upon the Region you are perform the Conquest action upon, you have a Free Aspect (Well Informed) for the Season.
If you are opposed, the defender gathers dice in the same fashion and with the same limitations. They gain an additional +1 bonus if the Region's Loyalty is 5 or greater, and a total +2 bonus if the Region's Loyalty is 10 or greater.
Whomever wins the contested risk remains in the Region. Whomever looses is expelled from the Region, and suffers a -1 Rank to either their Personal Guard or Secret Army. If the attacker wins the Risk, the Region's Loyalty is reduced by 1.
Additionally, Wagers may be spent as follows:
* To inflict additional casualties. (One Rank 5 Injury, or -1 Rank, per Wager. You may also claim a defending Ven as a hostage instead of dealing a Rank 5 Injury)
* To damage the Region. (Destroy one Holding or reduce the Region's Rank by 1)
* To claim the Region (Reduce the Region's Loyalty by 1)
* To raid the Region. (You gain 1 Resource that could be produced by the Region or was being held in storage by a Holding; Regions may not be Raided more than their Rank. Trade may not be secured by Raiding.)

Each of these actions is inherently destructive. When undertaking any of them, you automatically either destroy 1 Holding, or reduce the Region's Rank by 1 (chosen by your opponent). Either party, the attacker or defender, may spend 1 Wager to prevent this damage from occurring, regardless of the originator. A bloody-handed general may leave nothing but ashes in his wake, or a determined defender may attempt to burn his own granaries to deny them to an oncoming foe- likewise, a cunning general may seek to secure his new holdings with a minimum of damage, or a confident defender may seek to primarily reduce the harm done by the incursion.

If a Region's Loyalty is reduced to 0, then the Region is now the attackers. Next Season, it has a Loyalty of 1, towards the conquerer.

Legally, Raiding a Region or reducing the Loyalty of the Region- as long as no Holdings are damaged nor is the Region reduced in Rank -is generally considered an Insult. Harming the Region, by performing a Conquest action and subsequently destroying Holdings or reducing the Region in Rank, or by reducing the Region to 0 Loyalty and claiming it, is an Injury- the degree of Injury often dependent upon the value of what was destroyed or taken. If a Region or Province has been declared Fair Game, then no request for Revenge- for either Insult or Injury -may apply. Naturally, these considerations fall by the wayside if an Army is involved. Naturally, these perceptions of Insult and Injury are tempered by the relative ranks involved. A Baron who raids the personal holdings of a Duke, even if he takes only a single Resource and does no lasting harm -has Injured that Duke's reputation most severely. Conversely, when that Baron steals three Regions from the Baron, it's merely an Insult- the Baron was not hurt himself.
Thus, most of the time, the Ven content themselves with raids and relatively harmless skirmishes against their peers, intended to bolster their Resources and measure the strength and determination of their fellow nobles.

Swordsmen may undertake a Conquest Action or defense, using only Personal Guards. Generals may undertake a Conquest Action or defense, using both Personal Guards and Secret Armies.

New Ven Society Guideline:
The Blooded may raise a Personal Guard, to secure their holdings. To defend their home from orks.
But how many, before these black clad guards are not a Personal Guard are an army?

Unsurprisingly, it depends upon your Title.

A Baron may have up to 3 Ranks of Personal Guard, and 1 Swordsman. He may gather them or distribute them freely.
A Count may have up to 5 Ranks of Personal Guard, and 2 Swordsmen. He may not gather more than 3 Ranks of Personal Guard in a single Region at once, or else it is considered an army.
A Marque may have up to 10 Ranks of Personal Guard, and 4 Swordsmen. He may not gather more than 5 Ranks of Personal Guard in a single Region at once.
A Duke may have to 20 Ranks of Personal Guard, and 10 Swordsmen. He may not gather more than 10 Ranks of Personal Guard in a single Region at once.

Note that the maximum ranks of Personal Guard in a Region is a legal matter, not a mechanical one. For game purposes, they remain a Personal Guard, and may be led by a Swordsman as normal for Conquest actions.

(Reasoning: A Count has more to hold than a Baron, and needs more men to hold it. A Count must be able to decisively smash a rebellious Baron, legally. Likewise, a Marque and his Counts, a Duke and his Marques. These numbers make it hard for any single vassal to rebel- and whom of your fellows can you trust in conspiracy, to not betray you to your mutual liege?)

Feeding your Vassals costs 1 Food per 3 Ranks, and 1 Food per Swordsman

(Important note: I'm away from my book as I type this out, but my memory is that a Ven may have no more than 3 Ranks of Personal Guard, period, end of story. That seems... rather silly to me. However, if it's inaccurate, obviously this needs to be revised)


New Holding!
* Fortifications
Wooden palisades. Stone walls. Ditches disguised as canals. There are countless ways to dig into a Region and make it harder to attack.
When defending a Region with Fortifications, the defender has a Free Aspect (Well Defended). A Region may not have more than one Fortification.
Additionally, if you control a Province has at least 3 Regions with Fortifications, then you may spend 3 Style and declare a truth, that the only way to approach your Province is through one of those three Regions. Discovering an alternate path will generally require a Cunning Risk on your opponent's part.
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