The Rumor Mill : More Interesting Goods

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The Rumor Mill : More Interesting Goods

Postby tobie » Mon Nov 26, 2012 9:26 pm

Here are two systems I made up which we use in our Houses of the Blooded games:

"I heard that..."
The Rumor Mill

In a typical game session, the players are in a Story. Whether the Story is about a party being held in Lady No's new Opera House, or a Hunting session with a few Serpents, or something just as grand, a typical practice is for the Narrator to declare three true things about the party which is then followed by the players making Wisdom risks to determine other facts in the Story.

In our games, I've decided to take this a step further. On the turning of a Season (for example, when Spring ends and Summer begins) all players choose what kind of Rumors their character has overheard. These Rumors represent events and changes that transpired as one Season shifted into the other. Given how quickly events shift in Ven society, it is not uncommon for Ven to overhear what has been going on even beyond the confines of their own Castle. This system is meant to reflect that idea.

Read the full article here:

"That is a lovely scent..."
More Interesting Goods


While Goods are described in the game typically as Clothes and affections a character wears and carry additional Style, in our game we've decided to push Goods to a new creative level. (Note: This was something we were doing prior to the advanced release of the Houses of the Blooded: Wilderness book, so our apologies for it contradicting some of the ideas in that book.) In our games, Goods can be more than clothes. The real question is, what Resource are you using to create the Good, and what benefit does the Good grant?

If the Good grants additional Style Points, then there's no need to worry too much about the specifics, other than to allow the Resource used to match the idea of what is then afterwards created into a Good.

Read the full article here:
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