2nd Risk Question

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2nd Risk Question

Postby hans otterson » Mon Oct 19, 2009 8:22 pm

Page 118 says, "If there are no wagers, there is no Risk. The Narrator narrates the outcome. If the outcome of an action is that important to you, spend a Style. The Narrator will let you narrate the outcome."

What does this look like, in play? Do players state a Risky intention, then start gathering dice, but if they don't wager the GM just says, "Ah, nevermind, you're not wagering: here's what happens."

That seems a little clunky, but I haven't played, so maybe in actual play people are wagering all the time, and it's the marginal case where they don't wager. Is that true? This bit of text feels tacked on, like it doesn't come up much in play. But it seems to have huge implications for how the game is played!
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Re: 2nd Risk Question

Postby Nihilistic Mind » Mon Oct 19, 2009 11:11 pm

Simple Risks do exist (as confirmed in the other thread), but running through Risks without Wagers, the players and Narrator might find that there is less to be gained by trying to beat 10 with the dice pool and not making Wagers.

Spending a style point makes things faster, but let's not dismiss the importance of the players' desire to determine Privilege with dice, and the fact that they may find the Risk too trivial to spend a style.
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