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Lunge Q

Postby hans otterson » Thu Oct 22, 2009 12:33 am

Sorry, I searched the forum and found some stuff about Lunge, but I'm still confused.

On page 206, the Lunge Maneuver says:

"...Making a lunge requires two wagers. The duelist adds his Courage to the Injury rank. So, that's one automatic rank 4 success plues the duelist's Courage, plus any additional wagers he wishes to add.
The drawback of the Lunge Manuever: you may not spend any further wagers that beat. Not to attack, not to defend yourself."

Now, it really means "you may not spend any wagers on the next beat," right? Otherwise it's not a drawback, since you've already used all the wagers you can on this beat, since you've completed your action.

Or am I missing something?
hans otterson
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