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Regions / Provences

Postby Temple » Mon Oct 06, 2008 10:52 pm

A not so quick question but one that my GM and I may have missed the answer to.

By stint of a lot of things, my character has managed to cause 3 NPC-Blooded to have a "disagreement". Two of the three border my Blooded lands, the third bordering a fellow players lands. Due to this disagreement, the three NPC Blooded have most of their personal guard at each others borders. The lands bordering mine have somehow become plagued by "bandits" and "rebels" causing a bunch of instability within them. When the "bandits" started "raiding" my own lands I sent my personal guard in to "stabilize" the area from the "bandits" including some of my fellow Ven's lands.

The question is, since I'm taking on two different Domains if I take 10 regions from 2 different Domains, and then build a castle, do the 10 regions become a Domain or do I need to "pacify" both existing Domains?
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Re: Regions / Provences

Postby Snag » Tue Oct 07, 2008 9:06 am

Provided your current Province is full up on 10 regions, then the first region that you take from one of the NPCs is the beginning of the new Province, once you take and hold that first new region. After that, it's all on you to add to it.
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