Can Romance make up for weakness Virtue?

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Can Romance make up for weakness Virtue?

Postby Mortimer_Phist » Thu Dec 13, 2012 9:45 am

I.e. two ven have a Romance 8 in full blossom. One of them has a weakness of Prowess and gets the task to duel a well-known duellist. Does it mean that in that duel she gets dice pool of 8 dice (like a wolf-house martial master with a propper aspect)?

Well, it sounds like a good form and thematically fits the setting, but... it REALLY makes Beauty the god-state!
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Re: Can Romance make up for weakness Virtue?

Postby Colonel Rippe » Thu Dec 13, 2012 12:34 pm

I'm assuming here you mean that the romance has reached Rank 8 and is about to end? In that case, yes, you could invoke it but you're going to be hemorrhaging Style points to keep up that level of power throughout the duel. If said duellist is able to last longer than your Style pool, then you're in for a world of hurt when you're stuck with zero Prowess with Ruy Sanchez de Casador y Ortiz staring down his rapier at you.

So, as far as a 'better to burn out than to fade away' strategy goes, yes, Beauty is powerful in this case, but only as long as your character's Style can keep the flame of love flaring.

Also, it should be noted that at Rank 8, your character's likely either going to be losing that romance soon or defying society to keep it going; in either case, I wouldn't see it as unlikely that your good friend the duellist is going to come back at an awfully inconvenient time with a yearning to see his previous renown restored.
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