Actively Using Courage

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Re: Actively Using Courage

Postby wunderworks » Wed Sep 17, 2008 5:23 pm

khelek wrote:You are a Coward... then you better get drunk at your winery.

what I don't want to see is Courage used for common Ven actions... talking back to your Duke, use the standard rules. your a Ven, you should be talking back to your Duke. Want to approach the Marquis's wife, then do it, your a Ven.

Want to sail into a Winter Storm to rescue your paramore... make a courage risk... it is not a question of if you get there, but if you are willing to go at all.

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That is where I think you're assuming that the ven live up to their own hype. The ven, of course, are great beings who're honorable and just and have great laws that are virtuous and outlaw such terrible things as blood magic. They are courageous in the face of danger, and shirk from no ork.

See? You should make courage risks for all of those things you list. Your cowardly players should sit on their hands and keep berating themselves mentally saying, "What sort of Ven are you? Huh? You can't even talk to your own Duke! You're pathetic." - Which btw, also leaves those Beautiful Foxes a perfect opening - if they notice it - to insult the coward.

I haven't yet run the game, but when I do I will probably have Courage rolls required every round there is a Fear causing ork in the scene. I will also have courage tests made every time that ship they're sailing into the winter storms puts into port or has an opportunity to turn back.

You may spend a style point, like you can with the other Attributes, to get a temporary moment of courage, but it is fleeting and will run from you as soon as the moment passes. Of course, a coward can still stand behind a large solid object and fire arrows at a beast from afar. ;)
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Re: Actively Using Courage

Postby Loqua » Mon Sep 29, 2008 6:59 am

I agree with some of the people who are saying that the difference between Courage 2 and Courage 5 is no where near as much as a different between say Beauty 2 and Beauty 5. I think Courage is a bit more abstract and will take some time at the table with your resident Falcon to work out exactly what can be done. Snag came up with the new Courage thing while we were trying to deal with an ork that just laid the fear down on the Senate Floor.

If you have looked at the new Courage use as given by Snag, I can see some other things along the lines of "battlefield inspiration" perhaps coming out of the Falcon. The fact that the Falcon will not buckle and possess a huge amount of willpower may lead to your own Ven to feel that bit of inspiration, giving your side a bit more moxy. Courage seems to inspire the masses and rally them.

I was also thinking of something along the lines of Romance, except calling it Reputation and making it based off Courage. Your acts (whatever they may be) are written about in books and the people have heard you name. You would get the free aspect of Reputation. It would work like Romance in that you would need to keep up the reputation, and keep your name fresh in people's minds. You would get free dice in accordance with whatever your Reputation would be, with a tag and compel of the same appropriateness.

As a final note, these are ideas that come from my own brainstorming and are in no way finished product. Rip them apart or add to them. I hope maybe something can come out of it.

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