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Re: The Honest Elk

Postby JohnWick » Sun Sep 13, 2009 6:57 pm

wunderworks wrote:
Nihilistic Mind wrote:I think that after the first game, I'll start a betting pool to determine how many more games he lives through... That in itself could be interesting.

And of course, the betting pool will be in-character so that other players can influence it! ;) Oh wait... My character is too bloody honest to influence the outcome... Damn! (Unless it benefits Milady ___ ). :oops:

Ha, I think he'd be wagering in that pool himself. ;)

So I'm trying to decide on the things he will be bringing with him to the LARP and was wondering - how do Blessings work in the LARP? If you bring a blessing from a Suaven does that mean you can only use it once during the LARP?

Suaven blessings work differently in the larp.
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