All About Eveash

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All About Eveash

Postby Keith Fyans » Thu Oct 01, 2009 3:40 am

Yes, I am a huge fan of All About Eve and Eve Harrington as one of the Blooded - too good to pass up. Here is a 'better' version of the character I'm playing in the twitter game.

Baroness Eveash , The Lady Harrington

True Things:
  • She was Blooded from Veth linage
  • Most celebrate her being Blooded
  • Though she hated by the cabal that raised me to the position

Personal Name: Eveash Acting the part
Secret Name: Cora Blackmail
Family Name:

Season: Spring (2)
Style: 3


Strength is 2
Cunning is 5
Courage is 3
Beauty is 3
Wisdom is her Weakness
Prowess is 2


Sanctimonious Schemer
I: Feigning innocence for advancement
T: When someone has seen through my mask
C: To covet another's position

Poisoned Helper
I: When administrating for another
T: When acting with selflessness
C: To help someone to help my advancement

Talten Steele (The Coldest Heart, Never Again, Moving the Pawn)

The Province of Si'dontce "Broad Basin" - It is a geographically small province, Set within a broad basin, Created by a catastrophic blast

Tor Harrington (castle) [3] -
Sits in the center of the basin, Upon a rocky out-crop, Perched above Harrington
Harrington (village) [3] - Sprawls around the Tor, It is famous for its fine textiles, River-men bring more than wares in their boats
Ern (farmland) [3] - It boarders Harrington, And follows the banks of the River Talay, It is the bread bin of the province
Hermat (forest) [1] - On the lower hills of the Kinnoll, The forest is well tended, It is home to Elk
Kinnoll (mountains) [1] - To the North of the Provence, Several quarries have been opened, A ruined tower sirs at the peak
The River Talay (shoreline) [1] - It cuts east-west through Harrington, It runs fast and clear, Sea-ork migrate up it to breed

Phobian (vallet) [1] - A slip of a girl, She is exceptionally efficient, She secretly longs to be Blooded
My Darlings (staff) [1] - They are tireless workers, Who adore me, And so are sometimes a little too fawning
Addara Thorne (herald) [3] - It benefits him to keep me as Lord, He wears brown leather with dark greens, He knows my True Name
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