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Moryandal Thayl - Earl of the Elk

PostPosted: Sun Jan 13, 2013 10:07 pm
by Bards-Tale
This is for the New Earl Of The Elk for the Phoenix LARP. Parts will be left blank and will be filled in as Truths are made.

Public Name - Moryandal
Secret Name -
Family Name -Thayl

Truths -
1) He hates the House of the Spider, secretly waging a war against them to punish them for failing to prevent an Emperor. While he publicly stands against there being another Emperor, he is trying to secure the position for himself by eliminating any opposition.

2) He gained three things from his father, the Wolf: a Mastery of the Sword, Mastery of Tivalti and Mastery of the way of the Ikhalu Cult. However, he never gained his father’s need for a wife but is currently looking for the perfect woman. He's procured many lovers with a preference for those with rare sorcerous abilities.

3) He has a love of opera and built the biggest opera house with a puzzle garden at the entrance that he funded with the resources he acquired from his large merchant fleet. Most of the time the puzzles are harmless, but many of his lovers have met an untimely end in the garden.

4) He is a refined and regal autumn Ven who prefers wearing green, brown, orange and gold. He has never been publically caught in a gaff due to his very loyal butler whom he may be romantically entangled with.

Virtues -
Strength -
Cunning -
Courage -
Beauty -
Wisdom -
Prowess -

Aspects -

Devotions -

Family -
Father - Wolf

Titles -
Earl of the Elk

Castle and Lands -
Opera House
Puzzle Garden

Vassals -
Merchant Fleet