Alanya Steele

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Alanya Steele

Postby JRoss » Sun Jun 08, 2014 9:09 am

Baron Alanya Steele, aged sixteen. Father was an Elk Marquis, Mother was a Bear. Was the second-born child and the only one to survive childhood. Chose to be an Elk. Is married with two children, a daughter, Fen, followed by a son, Ohalu. Wife is a Fox, Shutari Tammel, who had an Elk Father. Wife was the sixth child of her family, and the only one to survive.

Strength: Weakness
Cunning: 5
Wisdom: 2
Courage: 3
Beauty: 2
Prowess: 3
Service: Weakness
Tenacity: Weakness

I Pull the Strings

Talten Steele 3

Province: Ahaya
Region 1: Nori Castle
Region 2: Menhi Village
Region 3: Lonlo Farm 2
Region 4: Barden Forest 2
Region 5: Sharda Mountain
Region 6: Kulka Plains 2
Region 7: Cathen Swamp
Region 8: X
Region 9: X
Region 10: X
Resources: Food 0, Herbs 0, Industry 1, Lumber 1, Metal 0, Poison 1, Spices 0, Stone 1, Trade 0, Wine 1

Shutari Tammel, Spouse (Free)
The Spears of Dawn, Personal Guard 2
The Leaping Stags, Roadmen 1
The Silken Chain, Spy Network 1
Beholden Nori, Staff 3

Style 3

Formis Krev, Blooded of the Falcon. Formis is a bit older than Alanya but still in Spring. The two men spent a couple seasons on the road of Alanya's father's territory.

Alanya is somewhat bare-bones at the moment because I want him to be able to more defined in play. I went with just a couple stock Aspects for the same reason. I don't want to over-specialize him right now. I'm looking for some PbP or PbEM action using him in Living Shanri.
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Re: Alanya Steele

Postby JRoss » Fri Jun 20, 2014 12:02 am

I'd like to use Alanya in the current Living Shanri game. To that end for that game's purposes he has an older sister named Ulinna Steele who is currently the "favorite" among their parents.
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