Alexai Steele

"Nobility is not only in the Blood, but in the purpose."

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Alexai Steele

Postby blooded_jason » Sun Nov 23, 2008 11:20 am

"He's always waiting for me, black-robed Death. He stands at my opponents' side, leering, waiting for me to make that last mistake. He knows, and I know, that I shall never see Solace. There is only the shadow of nothing awaiting me. Just one duel away." - Alexai Steele

Alexai Steele, Baron of Talus

Alexai is the walking dead, or at least he sees himself that way. Trapped in his own self-destructive, nihilistic tendencies, he has convinced himself that he'll never see Solace. In a way, it's liberated him, but not in any way that endears him to other Blooded. He drinks too much, speaks with a venom in his voice and takes his pleasures with married women that he then discards, just waiting for the angry husband to challenge him to a duel. When he's got a sword in his hand, Alexai feels alive. There's some core, some semblance, of decency, but precious few Ven get to see it.

Bear (Strength) - 2, Elk (Cunning) - 4, Falcon (Courage) - 3, Fox (Beauty) - 2, Serpent (Wisdom) - W, Wolf (Prowess) - 4

House: Elk
Family Name: Steele
Public Name: Alexai

Suaven Devotions:
Falvren Dyr - 2, Your Fear is my Ally, the Beauty of Violence
Talten Steele - 1, The Coldest Heart

Injure - 2
Defend - 2

D'nne Q'n - Friend

Spring Aspects:

Invoke - Alexai makes his sword sing, he gets additional dice in a duel
Tag - A weakness is Alexai's style, flourishing when he should strike, can be exploited
Compel - Alexai's reckless, casual desire for dueling can be exploited

Invoke - Alexai sees the right choice, but he consciously chooses the wrong path. Additional dice when performing a foolhardy stunt.
Tag - Alexai's own recklessness can be used against him for additional dice in a contested roll
Compel - Always looking for an excuse to cause trouble, Alexai can be compelled to make an ignorant decision
Generation Speedkill (Nice day for a public suicide!)
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