Lady Zara

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Lady Zara

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Lady Zara “I know all that brings Grief” Steele
Secret name: Kierrha “I know your secrets”

1. She is involuntary cause of her husband’s death
2. She realized afterwards that her greatest pleasure came from her interactions with him.
3. She gave her dutchy to her son this Summer

Lady Zara was once the crown jewel of her Duchy. Through cunning and resourceful maneuvering of her Wolf husband, she gained the rank of duchess. However, in the attainment, her aging husband lost a duel, and his life.

Lady Zara discovered only as she watched the flames consume his lifeless body that everything she wanted seemed insignificant without him. She set her son as Duke, and withdrew to a “quiet” life with a small barony that had enough to meet her needs. However, she still is in possession of a fine house in the Northern Part of the Capitol and a small inn.

Mother: Baroness Elk
Father: Count Fox

Second born.
No surviving siblings

Widow: Two children
Son: Braidon (Vadhal) Tal
Daughter: Caia (Lin) Steele

Strength: 0
Cunning: 5
Courage: 3
Beauty: 2
Wisdom: 3
Prowess: 2

Phase: Winter

Don’t Teach your grandmother to suck eggs
Invoke: knowledge of how things work
Tag: Unfamiliar with new concepts, technologies, and imports
Compel: When I was a kid...

I am telling the truth.
Invoke: When trying to convince someone of her intentions
Tag: When lying
Compel: Say things true.

We have met, haven’t we?
Invoke: When remembering information about new characters
Tag: They remember information/rumors about her too.
Compel: Greet everyone.

Well Mannered
Invoke: Knows the courtly system of manners like the back of her hand.
Tag: Pauses when rudeness shows up in its party dress.
Compel: Will not break the rules of etiquette.

Invoke: When interfering in the lives of younger ven around her.
Tag: When trying to keep secrets from her.
Compel: Interfere in the lives of all ven who obviously need her wisdom.

Invoke: To notice things meant to be hidden
Tag: slight of hand can fool her.
Compel: To seek out information.

Solace Aspects:
Brittle Bones
What did I come in here for?

Contacts: (4)
Arisaph Steele
Braidon Tal

Castle: Rank 3
Farm: Rank 2
Plains: Rank 2

Staff: Rank 3
Spy Network: Rank 3
Personal Guard: Rank 1
Roadmen: Rank 1

Elk Outwits the Wolf
The Vow
Moving the Pawn

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