Arisaph Steele

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Arisaph Steele

Postby Nihilistic Mind » Wed Jul 15, 2009 11:41 pm

Count of Artemia, Blooded of the Elk

W Strength
5 Cunning
2 Courage
3 Beauty
3 Wisdom
2 Prowess

Father, Baron, Fox
Mother, Baroness, Elk
2 Sisters and 1 Brother still alive
Arisaph is the youngest of 6 children. Two have died.
Arisaph is married (Risena Thali) and has two children.

FAMILY NAME Steele, "I have never surrendered", p.153
PUBLIC NAME Arisaph, "I see Everything"
SECRET NAME Deimos, "The Essence of the Moon"

Talten Steele, Rank 2 (Shadow Blood, Even the Moon has a Dark Side)
Tyan Bran, Rank 1 (The Softest Spot)

PHASE Spring (Age: 3 points)

* I Pull the Strings, p.153.

* Homewrecker, p.152.

* I Know Your Family (inspired by 'Well-Known', p.159)
I: "I know a relative of yours". Gain three bonus dice in social situations when knowing the right person is useful.
T: When using disguises.
C: To be at every possible social gathering and to meddle in all social circles.

* Intercepted Letter
I: "I know your Secret." Gain three bonus dice when attempting to find out someone's secret.
T: In social situations involving trust.
C: Overhearing conversations, being nosy about even mundane things.

Baron Nater Steele (Contact)
Countess Altara Valar (Autumn Ven, Senvada)
Baroness Dara Steele (Friend; happens to be Nater Steele's wife)
Baron Jorja Steele (Contact) (Brandon)
Baron Lasga Steele (Contact) (Ryan)
Baroness Vasudeva Mwrr (Contact) (Lily)
Baron Alban Yvarai (Contact) (John)

Red Shirt, Rank 1
Silver and Gold cuff links, Rank 1
Crimson and Gold Jacket, Rank 1

Injure Rank 2, Defend Rank 1

Paethira Sheeda, Potential 7, Current Rank 6, started Spring 02

SORCERY (Known Rituals)
The Puppet, The Quill, The Blooding, The Circle, The Curse, The Tulpa.

VASSALS in Ashkelmar
Spy Network, Rank 3 - the Larsson Crew
Spymaster, NPC - Alanya Steele (ASPECTS: Meticulous p.155; Queen of Thieves p.156; Treacherous p.158)
Castle Staff, Rank 2 - Sarnash Castle Staff
Personal Guard, Rank 3 - The Silver Arms (Injure Rank 5, Defend Rank 3)
Swordmaster, NPC - Soan Tal - Blooded of the Wolf (ASPECTS: ) Str=W; Cun=4; Cou=3; Bea=2; Wis=2; Pro=4.
1. He was disgraced from the Serpent Capital
2. He is a master of many tools
3. He's as Cunning as many Elk
Secret Army, Rank 1 - Kav'hal Fists - Injure Rank 2
Roadmen, Rank 1 - Ashkel's Anvil
Roadmaster, NPC - Alton Ashken - Blooded of the Falcon (Cunning 3; ASPECTS: ) Injure Rank 2
1. He is a renowned Ork Hunter.
2. He is a greedy and uncouth bastard, literally.
3. He carries an Artifact Bow.
Weird old man, Rank ??? - Titus Krev - Blooded of the Falcon
1. The staff think his name is Titus Krev
2. He's lived in the Tower during the reign of the last three lords, at least...
3. A young maid must always bring meals, and herself, to him twice daily.
4. His actual name is Rustahn Eshu (Eshanu)
5. The Eshu were once the Eshanu - the Blooded of the Wasp
Court Scholar, Rank 3 - Tammel Nagra - Blooded of the Fox
1. Is well into his Winter Phase
2. Likes to drop important names (When Calaban and I went to school together...)
3. Is the only one who knows the filing system of the library.
Mayor, Rank 1 - TBD
Caravan, Rank 1 - TBD

VASSALS in Ziranj
Castle Staff, Rank 1
Personal Guard, Rank 1 - Strugana Arms (Injure Rank 1, Defend Rank 1)
Secret Army, Rank 1 - Masks of Dannae
Court Scholar, Rank 1 - Mara Valar (ASPECTS: Senvada p.166)
Roadmen, Rank 1 - Black Sleeves

Seneshal, NPC - Gadish Jalan - Blooded of the Serpent, (ASPECTS: )
1. Always seems jolly.
2. Very new to his job.
3. Is shrewd with numbers.
Wife, Rank 1 - Risena Thali - Blooded of the Falcon (ASPECTS: Court Gossip p.151) (Blooded of the Falcon)
Baron Jorja Steele (Contact) (Brandon)
Baron Lasga Steele (Contact) (Ryan)
Baroness Vasudeva Mwrr (Contact) (Lily)
Baron Faldrak (NPC, see the Golden Masque)
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