Dak'ir Mwrr

"I carry Wisdom's price."

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Dak'ir Mwrr

Postby Jace » Sun Nov 01, 2009 9:04 am

This is a character that I have put over 17 hours of thought into because apparently I "just didn't get it" This is what I have so far, but I don't know how happy I am with it. I guess the guy is supposed to be a playwright, but I sort of pulled that from nowhere and I'm not very confident that I would enjoy that. I am also sort of an outcast according to what a Serpent usually is.


Three Things:

Missing, allegedly dead sister
I have only known my half-brother for 5 years
I seek the alleged kill of my sister for answers (not vengeance though)

Personal Name: Dak'ir "Lifts the Veil"
Family Name: Mwrr “I Carry Wisdom’s Price”
Secret Name: lets not talk about that now

Father: Serpent
Mother: Elk
Siblings: 2 (1 surviving: brother)

Str: w
Cun: 4
Cou: 2
Bea: 3
Wis: 4(3+1)
Pro: 2

Spring Aspect: We need to talk.
Invoke: Bonus to press an individual for information
Tag: I can be found to be annoying or abrasive
Compel: I talk at inappropriate times

Spring Aspect: (nameless currently, not super happy with the invoke and tag on this one, but I like the compel and would like to work with that.)
Invoke: Bonus to Performance based risks
Tag: Trying to act inconspicuous
Compel: I must upstage

Devotion: Tyan Bran (2)
Devotion: Manna Renay (1)

Spy Network: The Fire-born (3)
Staff: (1)
Personal Guard: The Nocturne (1)

Castle Haa'zuul (Castle 1; free)
Village of S'ten (Village 1; free)
Promethean Farm (1)
Crimson Cascades Plains (1)
Titian Mountains (1)
"Onyx Eyes" Swamp (1)

Spring Aspect: Twin Fang Style
Invoke: Bonus when using a sword
Tag: Strong offense, weak defense
Compel: I want to prove I can fight

Contact: Raban Burghe (half-brother)




This is where I'm at. I might scrap it and start over. I sort of build this guy in an odd order. I had a loose concept of what I wanted to do, and it was explained to me that it was too one dimensional and that I wouldn't really have much to contribute to a group usually. Taking that loose concept, scrapping half of it, then trying to rebuild it with a different concept, then yet another concept gave me this. Also, I haven't spent all of my bonus points yet.
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Re: Dak'ir Mwrr

Postby Keith Fyans » Sun Nov 01, 2009 12:53 pm

Compel: I talk at inappropriate times

I love it - Really Dangerous and will screw you up - Worthy of Style indeed! As for the second aspence, it depends what you intend to be your weakness. Some ideas:

I Tread the Boards
I: When performing before an audience (reversals can often be ropey, but when the curtain opens...)
T: When trying to hide your identity (That jaw, that stance, it can only be...)
C: Toward jealousy for any artist receiving more attention than you (I'll show that jumped up little squirt...)

As for characters being one-dimensional, I've not found that as a problem in HotB as long as you are willing to throw in whith the party.
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