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Suhajka Jalan, Q'val of Ecc Jalan

PostPosted: Tue Nov 03, 2009 12:30 am
by Nihilistic Mind
Public Name: Suhajka, "Holy Blood"
Secret Name: Tyrunnae, "Child of Magic"
Family Name: Jalan, "I Know the Dark Places"

Blooded of the Serpent -

Family Aspect: Jalan, "I Know the Dark Places"
Invoke: Your character gains three extra dice when investigating Ruins.
Tag: The desire to be recognized for your skills runs deep. This Aspect can be tagged when your ego is stroked with regards your Wisdom.
Compel: Your character craves discovery. This Aspect can be compelled to force your character to investigate a mystery.

Family -
Father: Baron Bear
Mother: Baron Serpent
First Born
Two Siblings: Sisters
Unmarried, no children.

Bear's Strength 4
Elk's Cunning W
Falcon's Courage 3
Fox's Beauty 2
Serpent's Wisdom 4
Wolf's Prowess 2

Spring Character -
2 Aspects & 1 Contact

Aspect: Q'val
Invoke: The q'val have a great deal of knowledge regarding all the suaven, knowing the proper rituals and sacrifices.
Tag: In ven literature, the q'val are often portrayed with eyes of two colors, representing their lives in both worlds. Two feet in both worlds. In other words, you overlook details.
Compel: The q'val feel compelled to protect the shrines and temples of the suaven.

Aspect: The Road is my Home
Invoke: Knows how to get from here to there.
Tag: Uncomfortable in "civilized" situations.
Compel: "I've stayed here too long." Outside the city, Shanri is waiting. Waiting with claws and teeth and wily eyes. To travel outside the protection of the city requires a specific knowledge, a specific set of skills. Hunting, trapping, moving through the wilderness without leaving a trace. These are the skills of the Road. And without them, you might as well stay home.

Aspect: Devoted
Invoke: Get Bonus Dice in Risks involving Protecting a Relic, Shrine, Temple or Followers of your favored suaven.
Tag: Your enemies can tag you when you are protecting someone or something unrelated to your devotion.
Compel: To Sacrifice yourself if necessary, willingly putting yourself at Great Risk in order to prove your devotion.

Devotion -
Ecc Jalan, Rank 3
The Serpent's Glare
The Softest Spot
I Bear Wisdom's Price

Bonus Points:
Additional Aspect: Devoted (See above)
Relic of Ecc Jalan: Summer Journal.
Relic of Ecc Jalan: Remains of Ecc Jalan's Son.
Artifact: Ritual Dagger, Rank 2 (Drink, Sharp) (Obviously, he is the keeper of this item and intends never to use it).

Titles -
Q'val, Devoted to the suaven Ecc Jalan.

Contacts -
Vanya Steele, Seneschal to Lady Gwanal Yvarai
Baron Maurevel Thorne

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 03, 2009 12:37 pm
by Nihilistic Mind

Other Background Info:

Archipelago: Gryuac, "Times of prosperity", interchangeable with "It will be our end"
Island: Llilya
- The western most island in the Gryuac archipelago.
- Llilya is home to the Lavos family, a merchant family that has found much prestige despite it’s Dirty lineage.
- The island borders on Q’naldinar (Golden Center under the sky / The Hub of all revenge); the primary capitol of the ven.

(Mechanics: Llilya is known to be controled by the Lavos merchant family. As a result, character’s who inhabit Llilya gain the ‘Friend of the Merchant’ aspect for free. This is a public aspect.)

Suhajka lives in the lands of Countess Dara Ashken, Blooded of the Falcon.

Countess Dara Ashken, Blooded of the Falcon -
- She is a direct descendant of the suaven Ecc Jalan.
- Her lands are riddled with Ruins.
- Ven scholars have been known to pay her to get to explore said Ruins.

Suhajka has been serving Countess Dara Ashken in many ways, one of which is the traditional upkeep of Shrines and Temples in her Domain, another is to spread the influence of her favored Suaven, her ancestor Ecc Jalan, and yet another is the help he provides in guiding others through the Ruins of the Sorcerer Kings that riddle her lands.

Contact Background: Lady Vanya Steele, Seneschal of Tryran Dur, Vassal to Baron Alexai Yvarai.
Suhajka Jalan met Vanya Steele while exploring Ruins said to hold a Relic of Ecc Jalan.
After being stuck for a week in a cryptic and apparently endless maze, Suhajka Jalan finds a section of a ruined wall that looks freshly dismantled. Underneath it, he finds a daring and clever ven named Vanya Steele. Suhajka helps her out from under the debris and cares for her, sharing what little rations he has left, not knowing that she holds the key to his freedom!
The Cunning Vanya Steele finds her way through the maze soon thereafter and Suhajka thanks the Suaven to send him such a benevolent guide, however reluctant Vanya is to accept Suhajka's help.
After several days of careful exploration and mutual assistance, they form a certain bond.
Suhajka allows Vanya Steele respite in the Shrines and Temples he oversees, while Vanya allows him free passage in her Domain.
Recently, Suhajka has discovered Ruins in Vanya's Province.

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 01, 2009 9:13 pm
by Nihilistic Mind
Current Deals:

Deal 1 - Explored Ruins (Spring Season 1) in the lands of Alexai Yvarai - Alexai Yvarai will name the Ruins and give Suhajka one Food Resource.

Deal 2 - One Wine Resource from Maurevel Thorne, in exchange for an undefined Favor! (oh no!)

Deal 3 - Help Explore Ruins with Moryandal Tammel in exchange for one Resource.

Deal 4 - Quell Trouble in one Region for Lady Gwanal Yvarai in exchange for one Spice Resource.