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Gryndil Aban Mwrr

PostPosted: Mon Oct 13, 2008 7:54 pm
by Nemloen
This is my character for Forvrin's game:

Gryndil Aban Mwrr, House Serpent
"The world forgives daring", "Illuminating the darkness"

Father Serpent, Mother Fox (Marquises)
Siblings, yes (including Narcis, House Fox)

Married to Baroness Regana, no children

Title: Baron

Strength 2
Cunning 3
Beauty 2
Courage 3
Wisdom 5
Prowess (weakness)

Spring Aspect
Historian: "Only by understanding our past can we determine our future."
Invoke: When making claims about Ven history.
Tag: In social risks where forcefulness or brevity is called for.
Compel: Too much perspective makes short-term decisions seem inconsequential, and thus I can be compelled to make them more or less at random.

Spring Aspect
Senvada (p.166)
Invoke: Researching new sorceries or making Wisdom/Cunning Risks regarding sorcery and the sorcerer-kings.
Tag: Creepy. Tagged in charm/seduction situations.
Compel: Now that I have tasted the forbidden knowledge of the sorcerer-kings, I can never get enough.

Bonus Aspect
"...But the blow never landed..."
Invoke: To avoid a blow in Prowess risks.
Tag: When they start to realize I always duck, they start aiming lower.
Compel: To back down from duels.

Narcis, House Fox (brother, frustrating and undependable ally)

Tyan Bran 3
I Bear Wisdom's Price (Spend a Style Point instead of a Season action to learn a Sorcery Ritual)
Serpent's Kiss (Neutralize poison)
The Softest Spot (Spend a Style Point, observe a target, and know its weakness...gain 5 free wagers in next risk against it or pass 3 to someone else)

Gyngal Keep 1
The Thorp of Tharp 1
The Marsh of Bitter Tears 1
The Wood of Forgotten Torments 1
Xyludeva Ruin 2
The White Coast 1
The Mountains of Morning 1

Baroness Regana (Spouse) 1
Gyngal Keep Staff 1
The Questing Jesters (Roadmen) 3
Kermal the Florid (Artisan, Opera) 1
The Truthseekers (Spy Network) 1

Style Points 4

Sorcery Rituals
The Circle
The Mirror

The Glass of Birza Tol (Farsight) 2