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Jalaar Mwrr

Postby Mortimer_Phist » Wed Dec 05, 2012 5:24 am

Today the image of an NPC came to me. NPC that I'll introduce to my players at my first play among the others at Duchess' Party. The main idea is I want to see what players made of character defined by appearance only. I don't know yet. So, please, meet Jalaar Mwrr:

Three facts of him:

1. He wears very dark blue robe with hood.
2. Nobody has seen him without elaborate fine golden mask.
3. He doesn't carry a sword.

So... what does his name mean? How exactly his mask looks like? What reputation does he have? What deeds of him are known? Is he a sorcerer? A priest of some mystery cult? Doesn't he carry a sword because Prowess is his weakness, or he just hides it? I din't know. Make a Wisdom risk! :)
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