Klasko Valar - Earl of the Serpent

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Klasko Valar - Earl of the Serpent

Postby Bards-Tale » Thu Jan 17, 2013 10:39 pm

This is for the New Earl Of The Serpent for the Phoenix LARP. Parts will be left blank and will be filled in as Truths are made.

Public Name - Klasko
Secret Name -
Family Name -Valar

Truths -
1) He is a true connoisseur of sorcery; he can personally cast dozens of different Rituals and despises "fake sorcery" such as demonology and veth magics. The Earl of the Serpent has a hypnotizing gaze, it's said if you make eye contact with his you fall into his suggestion. He has a sorcery puzzle cube that, if not solved, traps you in it. If you solve it, you are granted answer to any one question you have.

2) The Earl of the Serpent is the richest of all the Earls. Over 50% of his lands produce luxuries. He can restore Ruins of the Sorcerer Kings to completely functional Puzzle Houses in one Season using the Blood of a thousand veth and a Ritual involving 9 Sorcerers. He does so as a testament of the Power of House Serpent.

3) He has all three signs of being a villain, bathes in the blood of young ven to stay in Spring and has a twin but locked him in a mirror. When he looks at his reflection it is not his but his twin staring back. All who enter the of the Earl of the Serpent’s lands know well to follow the Rules of Hospitality lest they be cursed.

4) The Earl of the Serpent is as good with a Sword as he is with Sorcery and he is immune to injury by sword due to his own sorcery. The Earl of the Serpent taught Calaban Ru at the academy, and later tutored him privately in the art of sorcery.

Virtues -
Strength -
Cunning -
Courage -
Beauty -
Wisdom -
Prowess -

Aspects -

Devotions -

Family -

Titles -
Earl of the Serpent

Castle and Lands -

Vassals -
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