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Josha Mwrr

PostPosted: Sun Aug 31, 2008 12:31 pm
by JohnWick
Strength: 2
Cunning: 5
Courage: 2
Beauty: W
Wisdom: 3
Prowess: 3

No Secret is Safe from Me
I am the Elk
Spy Master

Leela. Josha's Wife: Blooded of the Fox
1) Beautiful beyond words
2) Just as ruthless as me
3) Eats men alive (all her Romances end in blood)

A typical conversation between Josha and Leela
Leela: "My darling, what do you think about putting a hedge maze in the back yard garden?"

Josha: "I think it obscures the south side of the castle, allowing enemies to approach unseen."

Josha: "Why are you crying?"


Josha is loyal to his wife. He knows she requires devotion from Romances and he allows them. He knows disallowing Romances will make her unhappy. He wants her to be happy. Beyond just loyalty, he wants her to be happy. Although, he has no way to communicate that.

He serves as Seneschal to two other nobles; his own lands are a result of his servitude. (I'm playing as Seneschal for two new players so I can guide them through the razor labyrinth of ven culture.)

That's what I started with. I've played about five games with Josha now and he's grown tremendously. So has his wife. She's currently rank 1, but I'm training her up. And she's getting lots of Style Points. She's the key to Josha's downfall. I can't wait.

Re: Josha Mwrr

PostPosted: Wed Sep 17, 2008 9:59 pm
by TheDuchess
Yeah and now you're taking her into the big bad capital.....ooooh boy.

Oh.....though this current character does not take into account your change in virtues since your season change. Updating to see his new self would be neat.