Baroness Amara Thorne

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Baroness Amara Thorne

Postby Keith Fyans » Sat Aug 29, 2009 12:07 pm

Another female death in Tir Torigh... I'm starting to wonder about my players... ;)

True Things about Lady Amara Thorne:

  • She is wife to Lord Ezidel Mwrr
  • The marriage is seen by both as one of mutual convenience
  • She is Blooded of the Falcon
  • Both sets of parents insisted upon the necessity of the marriage
  • However her parents selected Ezidel
  • She is well liked by the veth
  • She is known to travel the land alone (to some scandal)
  • She is dominant in the relationship
  • Her mother was Blooded of the Falcon
  • Her long wanderings are actually to meet with her mother in secret
  • She is highly ambitious
  • She is not good at forward planning
  • She knew Rafaet in her youth
  • She knows Ezidels' Secret Name
  • She knows Rafaets' Secret Name

Personal Name: Amara (To lean upon)
Family Name: Thorne (I am the land)
Secret Name: Dwarn (Hypocrite)

Season: Spring (22)
Style: 2

Strength is 2
Cunning is 3
Courage is 5
Beauty is 2
Wisdom is her Weakness
Prowess is 3


Feigned Reluctance to Rule
Invoke: When making political advancement under the guise of it being "for the best"
Tag: When her ambision is laid bare for all to see
Compel: To advance her posission while creating hollow excuses of why it needed to be done

Champion of the Dirt
Invoke: To enlist support from the Ruk
Tag: When trying to act with humility in front of the Ruk
Compel: To 'play the role' in front of the Ruk

Ashalim Avendi (The Name of the Storm, Pain is Today Honor is Forever)
Falven Dyr (The Sacrifice Strike)
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