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Ato Thorne, Baron of Ryndull

PostPosted: Mon Sep 15, 2008 12:19 pm
by Rob Justice
First off, our campaign site can be found on Obsidian Portal and Ato's full profile can be found there as well. Also, this character isn't finalized... I might adjust his Domain before play starts.

Public Name: Ato – “First Born Son”
Family Name: Thorne – “I am the Land”
Secret Name: Rajh – “I will die in your Grave”
House: Falcon – “I am all that I own.”
Family: Marquis Adrente – “My weapon is myself”
Title: Baron of Ryndull

Bear, Strength- 3
Elk, Cunning- 2
Falcon, Courage- 3
Fox, Beauty- W
Serpent, Wisdom- 3
Wolf, Prowess- 4

Suaven: Ashalim Avendi
Rank: 3
The Cloak Deceiveous
I am the Road
The Name of the Storm

Name: The People’s Roadman
Invoke: When fighting to protect someone other then myself
“As a Roadman I constantly had to place my blade between innocents and Orks”
Tag: when my opponent knows my fighting style
“Tales of how I fight float about the lands, all it would take is a little study”
Compel: to feel the need to risk my own life to protect others
“I served as a Roadman for so long its easy to fall back on those instincts”

Name: The Romantic Rogue
Invoke: to appear as a dashing, daring, romantic scoundrel
“Women love a bad boy… at least for a night.”
Tag: to foul up my Romance with the truth about a scoundrel.
“When the truth about a rogue comes out, its always worse then the fiction.”
Compel: to force me to avoid my current Romance
“I can never promise if I will be there in the morning…”

Name: “I have Hidden my face before.”
Invoke: when trying to disguise myself on the roads
“I spent years as a Roadman with no one being any wiser to my Blood.”
Tag: when trying to tell others of my exploits
“Many a times my deeds on the road were attributed to someone else…”
Compel: to force me to seek shelter in anonymity.
“Things are just simpler if you are not of the Blood.”

Injure (basic; aggressor; causes Injury)

Personal Style (3/5)
Valet (0/1)

Contacts & Friends
Contact: _ _ (Matt)
Contact: _ _ (Jermey)

Relics & Artifacts
Relic: Avendi’s Pillow

Name: Ryndull – “The Abandoned People”
Loyalty: 1
Security: 0

Castle Ashall – “Where the Road Ends” (Castle 1)
Zahall Village – “Where the Road Begins” (Village 1)
Tyrell Farm (Farm 2)
Amore Farm (Farm 2)
The Open Plains (Plains 2)

Ato’s Men (Personal Guard 2)
Ryndull’s Men (Roadmen 2)
The Eyes (Spy Network 1)
Vanya Krev – “Friend of the Falcon” (Valet 1)

Physical Description
Ato has a dark russet colored hair that he kept longer (shoulder length) while he worked as a Roadman. His hair says that, “He’s a Man of the People” while the length indicates his level of respectability. To help hide his heratige he kept it longer but now that he’s of noble position, he’s cut it shorter and more “respectable.” His eyes are a deep indigo, showing that he has “Deep beliefs and an uncompromising nature” but there is a slight ring of persian green near his pupils that says, “Noble Born”. Ato stands six foot one inches tall and carrys his height well. He’s got the toned muscle of a well worked Swordsman. For clothing he prefers Earth tones, to show he’s worked on the Land with deep green accents showing his growth into noble blood.

Psychological Description
Ato isn’t a typical noble, but he is Ven. He elevates the same concepts but just is a slightly different light. Romance, isn’t just a game to him, its a fact of life. The Veth don’t indulge in Romance the way the Ven do, they mean it, and so does Ato. Revenge is something the Veth don’t get the privilege of, but as a Ven Ato gets to enjoy a bit more liberty. Ato doesn’t just use Revenge as a means to settle petty personal honor, but as a way to protect his people, his Veth, his dirt. Ato thinks the Ven are a bunch of trouble teenagers but realizes that he is no better. These are his peers and like it or not he has to live with them. The plays the social game but is more apt to loan out his Prowess then his Wisdom.

Family History
My Father is Soro Thorne, Blooded of the Falcon.
Soro means “The Road Brings me Peace”
My Mother is Triuana Adrente, Blooded of the Wolf.
Triuana means “Child of the Blade”
My Mother is the Yvestra and Marquis of Soleif while My Father is the Ytola.
Soleif means “Where the Blade protects the Road”
I was the First Born in a family of five and the only male child in my family.
My four Sisters are Isa, Lurne, Feyla, and Asilt.
Isa means “Forever”
Lurne means “Family Star”
Feyla means “Cheerful Eyes”
Asilt means “Born in the Summer Light”
I am in the Spring of my life and I am not yet married.
I am under the Shadow of the Falcon.
My name is Ato Thorne, at my birth my mother whispered the name Rajh to me and I am the Baron of Ryndull.

After my fourth Sister was born, I ran away from my family home. The idea of living in a house with five women and only my father for male company was more then I could handle. Even most of our servants were women! I think even then, at my youngest, the Road called to my Falcon Blood. So, I hid my identity and face to pose as an Unblooded. I ran from Province to Province until I found myself living in a distant Uncle’s land under the tutelage of his Roadmen. As I neared my Spring I lived as the Roadmen did and once my Spring arrived, I become one officially.

I lived for times as one of the common, living among them and working along side them, as no Blooded ever would. And in doing so I was forever changed. I find little patience for proper protocol. I don’t understand poetry or care for music, in fact all Art is meaningless to me, then I have no love of fashion either. I have found that many Ven exploit me with nuance of contracts. I must overcome these faults to prove my worth, but this is my very nature.

Still, my time as a Roadman was fantastic. Daring-do and adventure abound. Fighting Orks, bandits, brigands, and the world was a daily (or nightly) challenge. When I would find myself back in a village for the night, my Uncle always saw to it that his Roadmen had a hot meal and warm bed for the night. Of course, I did fairly well on my own. Women, especially Veth women, love bedding with a dashing rogue like myself.

Everything was great until I was noticed by my Uncle. I was called to his Castle to make me his Master of the Roads. He insisted that I looked familiar to him but I managed to convince him, for a time, that he did not know me. In time, the truth was reveled and my Uncle, another Falcon, was so impressed by my ability to live as I did that he gifted an entire Province to me. Such an unheard of gift isn’t given lightly and I’ve devoted myself to proving his trust was wise. I own my land by gift and now I must prove I can hold it. I will treat my land like my roads and my people as Ven.

My parent’s never arranged a marriage for me, for they thought I was forever lost. Now that I have returned it is only a matter of time before the take notice and start scrambling to make a proper deal. I am not sure if word has even reached them about their Son’s return or not, but I must move quickly if I want to see my plans reach fruition. You see, have other plans about marriage. On the road I saw how some Veth handled marriage and it is a very uncommon way. They married for Love and not Contract. They live together without duplicity for years on end. Happy. Thus, I have decided I shall do as they do. I will marry the woman I love, not the one I own. But I must find her before my Parent’s force me into an unhappy union.

I do not wish to sound as if I do not want to be a Baron, for I truly do. It is only because I believe I have seen how my lesser live that I can ensure a proper life for those under my rule. I see how some nobles treat their lessers and it’s a disgrace. We live to protect our lessers for they live to provide for us. This must be a symbiotic relationship, not a parasitic one. I relish the ability to provide for people and run a domain worthy of regard.

There is also the chance that I have bastard children out there somewhere. I slept with many, many women during my time as a Roadman and there is always a chance one of those stays resulted in more then a warm bed for a night. This isn’t a criminal offense, since I was not married at the time, but they could grow to be a mark of shame latter in life. I’ve tasked a group of men in seeking out any heirs I might have and keeping an eye on them. Hopefully my youthful exuberance hasn’t brought about future dishonor.

I have spent my time on Road with Blade, but now I shall turn my focus to the Court with Word. I have traversed Sorcerer-King ruins and faced the maw of demons, but I find myself more terrified of the machinations of the Ven then any Ork blade.

Re: Ato Thorne, Baron of Ryndull

PostPosted: Mon Sep 15, 2008 12:27 pm
by Snag
Huzzah! Another Falcon. Looks nice! If I ever get an independant game going, I may very well steal this gent. I like the story.

Re: Ato Thorne, Baron of Ryndull

PostPosted: Mon Sep 15, 2008 1:02 pm
by Rob Justice
Snag wrote:Huzzah! Another Falcon. Looks nice! If I ever get an independant game going, I may very well steal this gent. I like the story.

I'm glad you like him. He's a fairly traditional Falcon but for our group of first timers I didn't want to get too crazy.

Re: Ato Thorne, Baron of Ryndull

PostPosted: Tue Sep 23, 2008 7:25 am
by Rob Justice
Alright, I've updated Ato a bit. Re-worked some things in preparation for our first game this Friday. I think he's a more interesting character now :D

Re: Ato Thorne, Baron of Ryndull

PostPosted: Wed Sep 24, 2008 1:17 am
by TheDuchess
When starting out, I have noticed that simple gives you a lot more to add. That being said your Falcon is pretty built up to be called simple. I would say straightfoward maybe.
May Shanri ignore you and your road be untroubled.

Re: Ato Thorne, Baron of Ryndull

PostPosted: Wed Sep 24, 2008 6:06 am
by Rob Justice
Could you maybe elaborate a bit more? How do you mean built up? What do you mean by simple? Where have I overdone things?

I'm interested in advice and criticisms but you didn't give me much to work with :D

Re: Ato Thorne, Baron of Ryndull

PostPosted: Tue Sep 30, 2008 3:17 pm
by TheDuchess
I simply meant that being a Traditional Falcon is not at all a bad thing. Your earlier comment said that you had tried not to get too crazy since it is the first time playing? I have found that when learning a system that for lack of a better word, stereotypical characters work really well rather than overly complex ones. I mostly meant that first character or not you have put forth a straight-foward Falcon with a bit of twist to, as you said, make him interesting.
Posting as The Duchess I suppose I try and sound like her to some degree and was making pretty instead of understandable compliments about your character. ;)

Re: Ato Thorne, Baron of Ryndull

PostPosted: Wed Oct 01, 2008 6:44 am
by Rob Justice
Bah, and here I thought I was going to get some advice :D

But we had our first session.. of sorts. Three players didn't bother showing up so it was just To PCs and our Narrator. The game went smashing and Ato is just as fun as I though he'd be. He's working with the other character already to enforce a glass-ceiling on himself so he never has to worry about loosing touch with his people. :D