Ecc Thali

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Ecc Thali

Postby Nihilistic Mind » Wed Mar 30, 2011 10:11 pm

Ecc Thali became the Youngest High Priest of Ashthuura Thorne, the Suaven of Exploration, before becoming a Summer ven.
He was an avid learner, astute thinker and courageous tamer of Shanri herself.
His knowledge of the Suaven of Exploration is only surpassed by the Grand Master of the Order and his research on the subject of his favored Suaven is highly sought after.

Ecc Thali's scholarly reputation and his deep understanding of the nature of Suaven allowed him access to the most sacred rites of popular Suaven cults, as well as the most secret acts of elder worship among lost houses of the Blooded. His research and essays on the subject of Suaven worship were both detached and personal, his authorial voice changing from first to third person as needed, starting a trend among scholars in ven courts.

I have been translating many of his essays and articles with the help of fellow scholars of the Shanri Research Institute. I can' wait to share my findings.

Also, if you come across any information about Ecc Thali please post it here or link it here. Feel free to ask questions if you're doing research of your own about this fascinating individual!
Thank you!
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