Ithuro Sinjin

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Ithuro Sinjin

Postby chrespo » Sat Oct 25, 2008 3:03 am

((Crossposted from's Play-by-Post-forum. I created this Falcon for a game I am to join there. In the game, we have been using a trail-of-thought style for our chargen. I hope you enjoy the writeup!))

Step One - Background

I know that I want to play a Falcon, who studies and hunts ork. I want to play with the trope of a Ven who has gone savage, yet retains his nobility and honor. I have a few ideas about what Aspects to pick, and I know how I am going to assign my Virtues as well.

Parents: I rolled a 2 and a 4, and I will spend one point to bump my 2 to a 3, giving me a father of the Fox, and a mother of the Falcon. Neat!

Siblings: Wow, I rolled a 6. Got lots and lots of siblings. Makes sense that one of them would chose to leave the political arena for a year or two to pursue scholarly aspirations in studying and capturing Ork. Out of the 6 siblings, only 3 have survived (myself and two more). I am thinking the deaths have occured while my Ven has been away. Interestingly enough, the surviving siblings are both sisters...

Family standing: My mother is a Marquis (dominant) and my father is a Count (submissive). It's kinda cool, the dice-rolls decided this all on their own. :)

I am under the Shadow of the Falcon, of course. I have decided to be of the Sinjin bloodline, which I see as the counter-weight to the Thornes politically. Not necessarily enemies of the Thorne family, but the Sinjin are the natural rival family.

Family Name: Sinjin "I have wandered the Great Enemy" - Invoke: Wisdom risks pertaining to the land and being an experienced traveler.
Public Name: Ithuro "the Windrunner" - Invoke: Strength risks involving mobility.
Secret Name: A secret!

Age: Spring phase, 18 years old.

Spouse and children: Ithuro is married, but has no children yet. Right now, I am thinking a Serpent. Perhaps he got married once he got back from his years abroad, studying Ork in the jungles as a statement that "yes, I am back, and I am here to stay."

Title: Baron Ithuro Sinjin. Rolls nicely off the tongue, I like it! :D

Step Two - Virtues

Strength: 2
Cunning: 2
Courage: 4 (3+1)
Beauty: 3
Wisdom: 4
Prowess: Weakness!

That is right! I am making Ithuro a grappler who uses Strength when he fights! This means that he can't use a sword, but I think it is an interesting twist for him.

Step Three - Phases

Ithuro is a Spring, so he gets 2 Aspects and 1 Contact.

Intellectual Savage - His years spent studying and fighting Ork has formed Ithuro into an unconventional thinker. Paired with his courage, this makes him a wildcard in the political arena of the Ven.

Invoke: Intellectual Savage grants bonus dice whenever unorthodox ideas that Ithuro learned of while traveling the Great Enemy are a part of his cunning plans.

Tag: To mark him as a black sheep and a savage in the public eye.

Compel: To force Ithuro to become tactless due to his pragmatism.

Wrestles with Ork - Ithuro brears scars all over his body from engaging vicious Ork in unarmed combat. Subduing and capturing his prey lets him study them alive, which he prefers.

Invoke: Wrestles with Ork grants bonus dice while wrestling or grappling.

Tag: To have other Ven mock him or question the propriety of a Ven not carrying a sword.

Compel: To force Ithuro to fight without weapons.

Contacts: spiderjerusalem187, what do you think if Abele married one of Ithuro's sisters? That would tie the group together as in-laws, which I think could be an appropriate starting point for a cordial and vague (at least initially) alliance of the PCs.

Bonus Aspect


Invoke: On Wisdom risks pertaining to perception.

Tag: Push a conservative agenda.

Compel: To se danger where there is none

Step Four - Devotions

Ithuro worships Ashalim Avendi, Manna Renay and Talia Yvarai. He has one blessing from them each.

I Brought the Bear: Only the toughest Ven manage to survive fighting with fists and mettle as their only weapons. Lets Ithuro spend two Strength wagers in a row.

The Name of the Storm: The Sacred Birthright of the Falcons, how could I resist? Makes Ithuro and his party immune to effects of weather when traveling.

The Black Kiss: It is one of my favorite blessings, it just reeks of style. Lets you Injure people with a kiss!

Bonus point devotion/blessing.

I am the land: Spend style points to Quell Trouble.

Step Five - Domain


Region 1: The Keep at the End of the Sky, Castle 1 (Urban, no Resources) - Ithuro's home which he refers to more humorously as 'the Rookery'. A tower nested within the Mountains.

Region 2: Varathuni, Village 1 (Urban, Goods) - The village that sprawls below the Keep at the End of the Sky. Gets its power from the great windmills that line her walls.

Region 3: Ruthra Mountains, Mountain 2 (Rural, Metals/Stone) The frost capped mountain range and the home of great birds of prey that holds both The Keep at the End of the Sky, as well as Varathuni village. Bonus point spent!

Region 4: The Loneliest Pass, Hills 1 (Rural, Metals/Lumber) The hill pass that leads up into the Ruthra Mountains. The echo of tumbling slabs of rock is the only sound here.

Region 5: Havarah's Lagoon, Swamp 1 (Rural, Herbs/Poison) A cave cuts into a portion of the ocean side of Ruthra Mountains, forming an underground lagoon where Ithuro has set up a black market trading outpost that goes by the name of Havarah's Lagoon. Not a pleasant place, a

Region 6: The Selkie's Teeth, Shoreline 1 (Rural, Trade) A dangerous reef that leads up and into the mouth of Havarah's Lagoon. Has a hidden lighthouse.

Region 7: Feyrdooh Djungle, Forest 1 (Rural, Food/Lumber) The Feyrdooh houses an exotic flora and fauna that Ithuro spends countless hours examining and studying. Needless to say, it is a dangerous place.


- Spouse 1 free

- Apothecary 1
- Roadmen 1
The Ghost Crew - Spy Network 1
- Herald 1
- Personal Guard 1

Bonus Vassals.

Saravesh Trading Guild - Caravan 1
Valet 1

Bonus points

Saravesh Trading Guild - Caravan 1
Valet 1
Aspect 1 - Watchful
Mountain +1
Devotion 1 Ashalim Avendi, "I am the Land"
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Re: Ithuro Sinjin

Postby JohnWick » Sat Oct 25, 2008 12:28 pm

Very cool. I'll give you a Style Point to say your sisters are twins.

Your Aspct that gives you bonus dice for "wisdom perception risks" is pushing it a bit. Perception is the domain of Cunning. You may want to try something else.

Also, I did not know there was a play-by-post game! Can you drop me a link?
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Re: Ithuro Sinjin

Postby chrespo » Sat Oct 25, 2008 4:35 pm

You got a deal, sir, about the sisters being twins!

I was kinda thinking the same thing about the Watchful aspect, I don't like it. Perception is under the purview of Cunning, I agree. I am going to edit that before the game starts.

Here is the link to the recruitment and set-up link:
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