Oleander Krev - Twin Earl of the Falcon

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Oleander Krev - Twin Earl of the Falcon

Postby Bards-Tale » Thu Jan 17, 2013 10:27 pm

This is for the One out of Two New Earl of the Falcon for the Phoenix LARP. Parts will be left blank and will be filled in as Truths are made.

Public Name - Oleander
Secret Name -
Family Name - Krev

Truths -
1) She got her start as a Ruin Explorer and Cartographer during which she met the Thrunin and started an alliance with them.

2) She is a Veth sympathizer and kidnaps Veth from other Ven if she feels they are being mistreated.

3) She is a secret ally of the Wasp and for allowing them sanctuary in her land they taught her vassals how to use the sacred tool.

4) She is secretly Barrett Sinjin’s twin sister and was raised by their father.

Virtues -
Strength -
Cunning -
Courage -
Beauty -
Wisdom -
Prowess -

Aspects -

Devotions -

Family -
Brother - Twin - Barrett Sinjin

Titles -
Earl of the Falcon

Castle and Lands -

Vassals -
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