Alahan Thorne

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Alahan Thorne

Postby Ironspear » Tue Oct 28, 2008 3:38 pm

Alahan Thorne

Three Things:
Devoted to his missing sister
Has an easy smile

Personal Name: Alahan (“I laugh at Fear”)
Family Name: Thorne (“I am the Land”)
Secret Name: It's a secret!

Father: Falcon
Mother: Fox
Siblings: 3 One surviving brother, one sister lost at sea

Str: 3
Cun: 2
Cou: 5
Bea: 3
Wis: W
Pro: 2

Spring Aspect: The Ocean's in my Blood
Invoke: (3 bonus dice for) Working on/with the Sea
Tag: (a secret that gives someone else bonus dice against me) Get antsy when far from the ocean.
Compel: (a Style Point makes me) Spend time around water

Spring Aspect: "I Will find you..."
Invoke: (3 bonus dice for) Searching for things
Tag: (a secret that gives someone else bonus dice against me) I examine things too closely
Compel: (a Style Point makes me) Look for additional details

Devotion: Vasco Eleham - The Seafarer (3)

Staff: Cashel Service Corps (3)
Roadmen: The Vagabonds (3) (2+1)
Personal Guard: Storm's Aegis (1) (+1)
Ship's Crew - The Sea's Searcher 1 (+1)

Rock of Cashel (Castle 1; free)
Road's End (Village 1; free)
Stormweir Forest (2)
Kestrel's Peaks (Mountain) (2)
Firth of Gales (Shoreline) (1)

Vassal: The Vagabonds

Vassal: Storm's Aegis

Relic: The Seafarer's Glass - They say the Seafarer himself used this telescope to spy distant shores.

Maneuver: Defend

The Sea's Searcher - A fine ship with a crew.

Now I just need a GM and a game to join. Anyone looking for an online player? Play-by-post might be optimal due to a slightly erratic schedule. (And I stole the format from the lovely Mr. Wick)
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