Telamon Sinjin

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Telamon Sinjin

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Telamon Sinjin
Family Name: Sinjin (The Sea is My Brother - Just like Thorne, but about the Sea)
Public Name: Telamon (Father of Heroes - Add to risks when helping his allies)
Secret Name: ******** (I Will Not Fail!)

Title: The Long Tooth, Baron of Blue Water, Lord of Cargado

Mother - Faille Sinjin Baroness of the Falcon (submissive)
Father - Aecron Burghe Count of the Bear (dominant)

Telamon was First Born with Five Siblings
1st Sibling - Brother - Blooded of the Bear
2nd Sibling - Sister - Blooded of the Falcon
3rd Sibling - Sister - Blooded of the Bear
4th Sibling - Brother - Blooded of the Bear
5th Sibling - Sister - Blooded of the Falcon

Age: Summer

Married to Azadeh (Freedom) Adrente of the Wolf
with no children - Azadeh is barren - Telamon considers his men his children.

Strength: 3 Cunning: 2 Courage: 4 Beauty: W Wisdom: 2 Prowess: 4


A Thoughtful Wife
Telamon doesn't understand art. He'd walk onto the deck of his ship in a dirty shirt if he could get away with it. Fortunately, Azadeh knows this and has worked hard to teach him proper manners to cover up his brutishness. All of her efforts cannot completely cover the rough ven that lies beneath. Sometimes he just can't stand it and lets himself go.
Invoke: Gain 3 bonus dice when attempting Beauty Risks.
Tag: Tag for 2 bonus dice when pointing out his flawed nature.
Compel: Gain a style point to revel in the Sailor's Delights - salty language, course manners, and questionable behavior.

Yellowed Barnacles
Telamon has been through many sea battles, seen the horrors of the deep, and survived. He knows how to handle himself in a fight, but he generally tries to avoid them now. His battle scars are heavy and he cannot hold his sword as he once did…but that’s still better than all those whelps out there trying to prove something.
Invoke: Gain 3 bonus dice when facing more than one opponent - ven or orc.
Tag: Tag for 2 bonus dice to call on the many scars you have from previous violence.
Compel: Telamon gains a Style point when he speaks of the Horrors o' the Deep.

Well Traveled
Telamon has sailed across more sea than most other Falcon sailors. He knows a lot about different ven, their lands, and what is going on. You would too if you drink in a different port every week. Being as busy as he is Telamon has little time to peruse ancient tomes of knowledge and finds tomes and those who are interested in them as spoiled for the real world.
Invoke: Gain 3 bonus dice when attempting real-world based knowledge risks.
Tag: Tag for 2 bonus dice when attempting a risk about ancient or book knowledge.
Compel: Telamon gains a Style Point to scoff at those who live in Ivory Towers.

Swordsmen sneer when they hear Falcon's calling themselves Masters of the Feather. They do not sneer when the Falcon is holding a bow and pointing it at them. They understand the real danger in that.
Invoke: Telamon gains 3 bonus dice when fighting with a bow.
Tag: Telamon can be tagged for 2 bonus dice when others point out that favors a Tool.
Compel: Telamon gains a Style point when he spares the unBlooded.

1. Ramus Adrente
2. TBD - I'll figure it out at game.

1. Maja Sinjin (3) - The Laughing Archer - Suaven of the Falcon - The Ironwood Bow, The Name of the Storm, The Sacred Tool

Artifact (2 Bonus Points)
The Crossed Bow "Long Tooth" (2): A Swift and Terrifying bow. An Ironwood bow from the era of the Sorcerer Kings. A tool spoken about that allowed the ven to accomplish amazing feats. The style of the bow is almost impossible to copy and is coveted by Falcon craftsmen. Its reputation precedes it.

Maneuvers (3 Bonus Points)
Injure (3)
Defend (1)

Castle: Cargado with a shrine to Maja Sinjin
Village: Blue Water
Plagean Shores: Level 1 Shoreline
Verde Farms: Level 2 Farmlands
Innusmoore: Level 1 Hills

Spouse: Azadeh Adrente
Roadmen (1): Buccaneers
Spy Network (1): Simple Merchant Sailors
Staff (1): Cargado staff
Transport Ships (2): Blue Water Merchants' Guild

This is Ramus Adrente's Sailing master and Ally Telamon Sinjin which will be played by my friend at the LARP playtest. What do you all think?
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