Baron Aleksandre Thorne

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Baron Aleksandre Thorne

Postby Snag » Mon Sep 01, 2008 5:32 pm

*Note: The name was invented before I knew how ven names worked, so I made a modified version of a name that I knew the meaning of.

Strength: 3
Cunning: Weakness (Boy that hurts when Season Actions roll around)
Courage: 4
Beauty: 2
Wisdom: 2
Prowess: 4

Ash'alem Avendi (Rank 2)
Falvren Dyr (Rank 1)

Spring Aspect: Swordsman
Invoke - Stand Your Ground (When defending)
Tag - Honorable Combat (Cannot take the first swing)
Compel - Sworn to protect (When those he's chosen to defend are threatened)

Spring Aspect: Looks Good On Paper
Invoke - Golden Quill (When expressing himself in writing)
Tag - Fair Distraction (Unable to concentrate in the presence of great beauty)
Compel - Copyeditor (When a document is poorly written)

Province: Barony of the Sky
Talons Keep (Castle 2)
Hearthsdale (Village 2)
Wildvine Field (Plains 1)
Glenstead (Farm 1)
Raven's Peak (Mountain 1) (Hah, I found a way to work ravens into it!)
Nightwood (Forest 1)

Felya Steele (Spouse 2)
The Hand that Soars (Roadmen 2)
The Whisper (Spy Network 2)
Ashla (Maid 1)
Talons Plumage (Staff 2)
Guild of the People (Craftsmen 1)
The Piercing Claw (Secret Army 2)

Aleksandre grew up under the watchful eye of his father's retainer, Tzao, the Master of the Road along with his brother. Both brothers were equally fascinated by the sword training that they had offered to them, but Alek would often sneak off to listen to the stories that Tzao had collected from travelling the family's lands. As he grew older, he often neglected the more complex relations of the Blooded as a whole, in favor of this straightforward keeping of the peace.

Due to his fondness for the assorted tales that the family roadmaster and roadmen told him, he developed a fascination with the traits in other ven that others would attribute to Villainy. Twins, red haired people and other potentially wicked people are a source of vast interest to him.

The lesson that he took to heart the most, was that their people were to be protected. They may need a firm hand from the ven to whom they belonged, but nobody else is allowed to lay hands on them. He's shown that in his dealings with his own people, adopting a 'Stern But Fair' philosophy. The Unblooded are there to serve, of course, but so long as they do what they're born to, he chooses to treat them with a (very) small modicum of kindness. Much as one would treat a guard dog, or the cat that's kept around to chase mice from the keep.

In addition, he decided that the best way to state his views was to learn to write well. He became able to create the written announcements of his own law-of-the-land with a certain flair that is rarely seen, as most ven consider the point of a message to be more important than how it's written. A bit of an anomaly, to be sure. But he prefers that there be no missed meaning, in the rare event that his rules need to be laid out.


And there you have it! This isn't quite him at starting value, he's been in play some. But I forget what all he had at creation and what's been added since, so I'm just rolling with it from here. I'm going to go back and audit his season actions because I know I was doing part of it wrong. But now that I've gotten to go through the book and get a better grasp on the ven, I've been able to flesh him out better. And beside, I wasn't seeing any Falcon love, so I had to represent. Yea verily. Word, yo. Even unto thine mother.
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