Count Rumphus Steiner

"Give me a man, and I'll make him a Bear."

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Count Rumphus Steiner

Postby Mortimer_Phist » Mon Dec 03, 2012 12:26 am

Lord Rumphus (unstoppable might) Steiner, Count Forthdemer, Blooded of the Bear (NPC)

Age: summer

Three facts of him:
- He is so strong that can cripple or even kill with a single blow of his mighty fist.
- Reputation of devil-may-carish bon vivant.
- Bright, clear and merry blue eyes.

Strength - 5
Cunning - weakness
Courage - 3
Beauty - 3
Wisdom - 2
Prowess - 2

Large (p. 154 of the corebook)

Pugilistic Fighter
- invoke: when fighting barehanded.
- tag: when using a weapon.
- compel: fist may resolve any problem (i.e. insult, duel)

Bon Vivant
- invoke: on any party (or any other entertaining event) to impress everyone.
- tag: anyone can have a advantage over him when negotiating over serious business during the party (or any other entertaining event).
- compell: to cancell all the serious deals and go entertaining.

Loud Voice
- invoke: to make himself heared (in the noisy party or in turmoil of mass murder)
- tag: barely notices anything when distracted by his own loud speeches.
- compel: to put him in akward situation in social events.

1) Punch 3
2) Block 1
3) Grab 3
4) Throw 1

Province Forthdemer (Reach Lands of Shine):
1) Castle Azacktarat (Rock Hall) (3)
2) Plains Terckthal (Sun Valley) (3)
3) Plains Vastchar (Scarlet Vineyards) (3)
4) Village Machath (Lumber Hill) (1)
5) Farm Berckfit (Place of Rain) (2)
6) Farm Illthwr (Lizard's Pond) (1)
7) Hills Ragharta (Earth's Heart) (2)
8) Forest Ortwill (Doom Wood) (2)
9) Forest Ultidrith (Large Hunt) (3)
10) Mountains Chasta (Red Rocks) (1)

+3 provinces of his Barons.

1) Spouse Countess Shajar Jasnine, Blooded of the Elk (NPC)
2) Spy net (1) - not too vast, but still it exists.
3) Personal guard (1) - he really doesn't think he needs them so much.
4) Road men (3) - on the other hand, he likes brave and strong people and quite generous in giving roadman titles.
5) Seneshal Isla Ovjen, Blooded of the Serpent (NPC)
6) Staff (3) - parties need to be arranged, yeah?
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