Hilda Reinhold - Earl Of The Bear

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Hilda Reinhold - Earl Of The Bear

Postby Bards-Tale » Sun Jan 13, 2013 7:49 pm

This is for the New Earl Of The Bear for the Phoenix LARP. Parts will be left blank and will be filled in as Truths are made.

Public Name - Hilda
Secret Name -
Family Name -Reinhold

Truths -
1) She is a devote follower of Manna Renay and holds hospitality to the highest regard.

2) She beat her brother, the Wrathful Bear, for the position as Earl by turning his staff against him and having them speak on her behalf.

3) She is the gentle Matron of her clan treating all of her family as though they were her cubs in return they protect her with shields and spears so she has never had to kill anyone before.

4) She has a perfect marriage with her husband, who is a master blacksmith, and they have three daughters one of which is a q'val.

Virtues -
Strength -
Cunning -
Courage -
Beauty -
Wisdom -
Prowess -

Aspects -

Devotions -

Family -
Spouse - Husband

Titles -
Earl of the Bear

Castle and Lands -

Vassals -
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