Lord Ato Burghe, Baron Carabas

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Lord Ato Burghe, Baron Carabas

Postby PandaDad » Mon Jan 13, 2014 1:17 pm

Ato Burghe
Father: Fox, Marquis (dominant)
Mother: Bear
Birth Order: Fourth of four
Siblings: one older sister, two deceased.
Married, no children. He's the dominant.

Strength 4
Beauty 4
Cunning 3
Courage 3
Prowess 2
Wisdom W
(campaign custom spread; 2@4 in parents' house virtues, 2@3, 1@2, Weakness)

House Aspect: Burghe (campaign freebie)
Invoke: bonus of +3 dice when fighting alone against many opponents
Tag: bonus of +2 dice to opponent when trickery or deceit is involved
Compel: can’t ask for help, even when you really need it

Aspect: Father's Pupil (ie Rake)
Invoke: +3 dice when flirting with or seducing married women
Tag +2 if attempting to flirt with or seduce an unmarried target
Compel Flirt with / attempt to seduce a married Romantic interest

Aspect: Mother's Student (ie Roadman)
Invoke: +3 dice when getting from here to there
Tag: +2 dice in ‘civilized’ situations
Compel: “I’ve stayed here too long.”

Tzao Adrente
Chayana Jalan

Wolf-1 (great-grandfather-in-law) The Invisible Cannot Be Touched
(maternal great-great-grandsire)-1, No Fool
Ashalim Avendi-1, I AmThe Road

Castle-2 Caer Carabas
Village-1 Carabas
Forest-1 Bear’s Bramble
Hills-1 Little Razorbacks
Mountain-1 Razorbacks
Ruins-1 Dunharrow

Spouse-3 (Zrudura Banin)
Personal Guard-1
Spy Network-2

Three Things about Ato:
1. He’d rather be a humble Roadman.
2. He has a weakness for Autumns.

Three Things about his wife:
1. She's quite plain.
2. These were her lands before the wedding.
3. Beauty is her Weakness.

Three Things about his older sister:
1. She's Blooded of the Fox.
2. She's Father's favorite.
3. She has not yet married.
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