Rozé: The Defender of Monn Row

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Rozé: The Defender of Monn Row

Postby Keith Fyans » Sat Jul 04, 2009 5:12 pm

Moved from Living Shanri due to death...

True Things about Countess Rozé, Defender of Monn Row:

  • She has an overbaring physical presence
  • She is not playing the game
  • She is loyal to her Marquise

Personal Name: Rozé (Strong Willed)
Family Name: Burghe (Alone we stand together)
Secret Name: Epuna (Wall of Stone)

Season: Winter
Style: 0

Strength is 4
Cunning is 3
Courage is 2
Beauty is 2
Wisdom is her Weakness
Prowess is 4


Blind Conviction
Invoke: When preventing others from steering her off course with flowery language
Tag: If she wants to change her mind on something
Compel: To uphold your possition unto death or solace

Defender of Monn Row
Invoke: When leading an entreanched force in mass murder
Tag: When brought to battle in open ground
Compel: To urge defence in battle

Loves to Ride
Invoke: When controlling her horse
Tag: When at sea (becomes seasick)
Compel: To take to the saddle

Dirty Brawler
Invoke: When making a hand-to-hand attack
Tag: She comes accorss as being harsh
Compel: To make a hand-to-hand blow when provoked (a head-but during an argument, a knee to the groin when in a sword lock, stomping on someone's hand when she allowed them to retrieve a weapon)

Invoke: When getting others to follow her order
Tag: When she is attempting to ask for something
Compel: To take charge of a situation

Nobodys' Fool
Invoke: When trying to discern if she is being lied to
Tag: When using the whole truth to coax her support
Compel: To look people up and down while grilling their stories

Solace: Skin like old leather
Tag: When she attempts to seduce another
Compel: To pass up the chance for Romance

Solace: Arthritic Knuckles
Tag: When attempting actions requiring manual dexterity
Compel: For a hand to sieze up


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