Diaries of the Artiste: By Gwanal Yvarai

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Diaries of the Artiste: By Gwanal Yvarai

Postby Astelle_Mwwr » Tue Jun 21, 2011 8:21 am

The morning sun has vanquished me with it's awful light this morn. Curse the wretched light for banishing the wonderful haze of the night before. And lo, what is this I see on my nightstand as a reminder? A small token, perhaps, of a night I can only recall in flashes. Ah but what sweet flashes. To be in the center where the eyes are caught by my beauty! For this gift, I can accept the curse of clouded memory. And then, this note. From me to me. "Only whispers can set you free" Oh yes. And that little reminder of an oath I apparently made. How clever I am to remind myself of such things! And how sweet of me to leave an imprint of my lips in adoration!
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