The Bloody Betrothal (Long)

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The Bloody Betrothal (Long)

Postby PsychoMIME » Mon Jul 25, 2011 2:43 pm

First some background.

I stay in South Africa and while we have quite a few gamers long running LARPs are a relatively new thing. Our big yearly cons tended to be the only time people LARPed in the past and then it was prewritten modules by local writers, with multiple pages of character motivations and goals.

This year however I decided to inflict HotB on my locals. Players who in general make the ven look kind, compassionate and people you would trust with a knife at your back. So amid cries of "You are crazy" and "It'll never work, they'll break the LARP!" I wrote up 11 characters with 3-5 paragraphs describing their characters, the Advantages they brought and 3 things that everyone knew about everyone else. I also condensed the background and rules so they had enough to know how the world and the game works, without letting them feel they could do without the books should they like the game. (A few PDFs should have been bought by now :) )

We ran the module twice and just like every tabletop game where I've used the same plot, they ended up making each character their own and completely surprising us every time. If you'd like to know how the actual play went ask and I'll give you the highlights of each time we ran it.

What I'd like to know is what you guys think of the format of the game.

The setup was:
Marquis Rali Steele, Lord of the Crimson Cliffs, Blooded of the Elk has announced his betrothal
to the Famed Opera performer, Baroness Dranna Q’n, Blooded of the Fox. You are invited to the
party. There will be Passion. Romance. Tragedy. Revenge.

And in addition to the 3-5 paragraphs for their specific character I gave people the following list of 3 things everyone knows about everyone else:
Baroness Dranna Q’n, Blooded of the Fox, Spring Aspect
● is a beautiful Opera singer;
● is marrying Marquis Rali Steele and this is their betrothal party; and
● has no head for ven politics.

Marquis Rali Steele, Blooded of the Elk, Summer Aspect
● used to be a Rake, but is now marrying Baroness Dranna Q’n and this is their betrothal
● is aspiring to become a Senator; and
● Duchess Cossette Steele is his altrexa or liege lord.

Duchess Cossette Steele, Blooded of the Elk, Winter Aspect
● has a huge number of holdings and is there for incredibly powerful by ven standards;
● is one of the most Cunning ven alive; and
● is going senile.

Count Davan Bowen, Blooded of the Bear, Autumn Aspect
● is an honourable, loyal and honest ven and also a ruthless bastard;
● is so obsessed with growing his holdings he neglects other areas of his life; and
● Marquis Rali Steele is his altrex or liege lord.

Baron/Baroness Ato/Trixauna Eshu, Blooded of the Fox, Spring Aspect
(Note: This character’s gender depends on that of the player)
● is a sanjien, a Swordsman who seeks beauty and perfection in sword play;
● has initiated and won many duels; and
● is a hot-headed youth.

Countess Niassa Tal, Blooded of the Wolf, Summer Aspect
● has a merchant empire;
● is married to Count Davan Bowen and seems to be left to her own devices; and
● Marquis Rali Steele is her altrex or liege lord.

Count Haroon Ardente, Blooded of the Wolf, Autumn Aspect
● has holdings on the edge of civilization;
● has slain many types of orks;
● has the silly notion that there might be smart orks.

Bajinoth Thorne, Blooded of the Falcon, Spring Aspect
● saved Dranna Q’n from orks on the way to the party;
● comes from very far away; and
● is unknown in these parts.

Baron/Baroness Tshanja Mwrr, Blooded of the Serpent, Summer Aspect
(Note: This character’s gender depends on that of the player)
● is knowledgeable in Sorcery;
● is a Master of Flowers, skilled with herbs and poisons; and
● has investigated cases of Blood Magic on behalf of the Senate in the past.

Baron Ul Yvarai, Blooded of the Fox, Autumn Aspect
● is a great Opera composer;
● was hideously scarred in a fire that destroyed his Opera house; and
● has Duchess Cossette Steele as his patroness.

Servant Weetha, Summer Aspect
(Note: This character’s gender depends on that of the player)
● is Duchess Cossete Steele’s Servant and takes care of her needs;
● has served her faithfully for almost ten summers; and
● used to be Blooded of the Bear before he got shamed into wearing the black.

What do you guys think?
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Re: The Bloody Betrothal (Long)

Postby wunderworks » Mon Jul 25, 2011 4:39 pm

Excellent! All the elements of a proper bloody Opera! :D
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