Lura Jalan

"I carry Wisdom's price."

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Lura Jalan

Postby wunderworks » Wed Jul 29, 2009 10:56 pm

This is the character of one of my players - we finished it, but I've yet to transcribe all the missing details - more to follow.

Family Name: Jalan

* Invoke:
* Tag:
* Compel:

Public Name: Lura

* Invoke

Secret Name:

Three Things




Mother - Jalan Countess
Father - Banin Marquis (dominant)
1st Brother - dead
1st Sister -
2nd Sister
2nd Brother
3rd Brother - Torr Banin
3rd Sister -

The Shadow of the Serpent
Age: Spring
Married: No
No Children

Strength: W Cunning: 4 Courage: 2 Beauty: 3 Wisdom: 4 Prowess: 2

Aspects (1 bonus points)
Academy Elite
Top graduate in your Academy Class
Invoke: When called upon for knowledge-based risks
Tag: You tend underestimate the uneducated
Compel: Prefers the ideas of the Educated.

Grew Up in a Wolf Household
Invoke: Gain 3 bonus dice when fighting on the Defensive
Tag: Tag for 2 bonus dice when you are on the Offense.
Compel: Gain a style point to avoid fighting.

Invoke: Gain 3 bonus dice when researching sorceries or making Wisdom/Cunning Risks regarding sorcery and the Sorcerer-Kings.
Tag: Tag for 2 bonus dice when trying to charm or seduce others - You're a little bit creepy.
Compel: Gain a Style Point when indulging in your Desire to know more about the Sorcerer-Kings.

1. Gwin - My Academy House Sister
2. Torr Banin - My brother

1. Tyan Bran (3) - I Bear Wisdom's Price, The Softest Spot, The Serpent's Glare

My Brother's Blood Sword

Sorcery (4 Bonus Point)
The Puppet
The Rose
The Mirror

Injure (1)

Domain - The Albion Barony
Castle: Level 1 with a Shrine to Suaven Tyan Bran - The Patient One
Village: Level 1
Forest: Level 1
Plains: Level 1
Ruins: Level 1
Swamp: Level 1

Court Scholar (1):
Your Brother's Valet (2):
Spy Network (1):
Castle Staff (1):
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