Welcome - Read Me First!

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Welcome - Read Me First!

Postby wunderworks » Mon May 17, 2010 12:07 pm

Greetings, and welcome to the John Wick Presents Forums. There is a myriad of different areas here to explore. But I'll give you a quick rundown of where to find things.

First, if you haven't already,read the forum rules and guidelines found here.

Second, email me at housesoftheblooded (at) gmail dot com RIGHT NOW, tell me that you are a Real Boy/Girl and not a SPAM bot and I will activate your account. IMPORTANT: Use this as your Subject: "I am a Real Person!" I will activate you asap, for unless I am sleeping, I am plugged into the Net. We've gone this route because of the massive SPAM incursions. We are looking for a more user friendly solution for the future. But for now, please bear with us. I'll activate you as quick as my fingers can type.

Next, Introduce yourself to everyone here! and/or read about everyone on the forums and find out more about us all. If you do not introduce yourself you will probably be pruned by my frequent zero post user pruning I run to keep our spam low. PLEASE, introduce yourself, if you want to lurk, that's fine, you'll never have to post again. :)

Afterwards, go to your user control panel and under Board Preferences you can now set your Board Style. This will change how the forums look, everything from the buttons to the header images will be different. If you're wondering Prospace is the Houses of the Blooded style that is the current most popular, but RedSilver3 is the new Blood & Honor Style! Just a quick note, the B&H style is still under construction so besides he pretty colors it's pretty bland. But if you're B&H fan and your honor dictates that you serve your Daimyo by using B&H style versus the degenerate HotB Ven Style, do so.

Now go and enjoy these posts and the rest of the forums:

Technical Help with the website, blog, forums - paintscribe and myself (wunderworks) are furiously working behind the scenes with our army of gnomes and brownies to keep all the cogs running smoothly, but if you happen to spot a problem post here or PM one of us and we'll get it fixed ASAP. A year ago we had some issues with spammers, but it appears that I've mostly eradicated them, but every once in a great while one shows up. If you notice a spam post PM me and I'll get right on it.

The music John created to go with Houses of the Blooded -- The Blood Opera Suite -- is here! - listen and enjoy!

Vote for your favorite Ven House is in our poll here! Currently, the Elk are winning, but the Falcon and the Serpent are in hot pursuit with the others not far behind! Post why you think your favorite house is superior to all the others and let the friendly flame war continue!

Vote for your favorite Daimyo here! Post why you think your favorite type of Daimyo is the best daimyo!

If you're new to Houses and want to run an introductory adventure for your players check out the excellent sticky topics in this forum.

And if you're playing/running Living Shanri check out the new rules and updates here.

Explore! There's plenty more from the archeological research, to the never ending rules discussions, and the sample character creation forums (with characters ranging from a ven version of Dr. House to dastardly pirates and scheming poisoners!), and as always ask any of the staff if you have any questions.

Welcome and Enjoy!

wunderworks, et al
Author of World of Dew a samurai noir sequel to John Wick's Blood & Honor

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