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Servant's Manual

Postby alexanderthesoso » Tue Oct 26, 2010 2:03 pm

An astounding find! Scuba diving off the coast of Newfoundland earlier this summer, a friend and I discovered a cave system that seemed to have just opened from a rockslide. Inside was several carved rooms. One room had several small roomlets of some kind, we didnt figure it out until later, but one had a seal on it. Cracking it open, it was full of water, but stangnant water, no flow, and there was a pile of books! Even better, they are copies of the same book! So while there is damage to any individual volume, between the 8 tomes found, we have almost all the pages!

It appears to be a manual, cooking, presenting, ettiquette, for veth servants to Ven nobility! I... I hesitate on my translation of the title, and 2 of the tomes, as well as our collected pictures of the volumes, are on their way to the Institute for better than I to look at and translate, but... Well, I want to translate the title as, In Service to Ven, but, its very much an action verb. The title is, forgive me, To Serve Ven.

It very much appears to be written BY a Ven, but the author is not identified.
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