John Wick is a 20th and 21st century role-playing game designer best known for his creative contributions to the Alderac Entertainment Group properties Legend of the Five Rings and 7th Sea. He self-published Orkworld under the Wicked Press banner, and later co-founded the Wicked Dead Brewing Company with Jared Sorensen. His games under that company include Cat, Schauermärchen, Enemy Gods, and Thirty. He has won the Origins Award for Best Role-Playing Game and Best Collectible Card Game twice (for both the Legend of the Five Rings and 7th Sea role-playing games and collectible card games).

He has also written for White Wolf, Inc., Pinnacle Entertaiment Group, and worked for various video game companies, providing storyline and dialogue. He has written two regular on-line columns: The Game Designer's Journal (for The Gaming Outpost) and Play Dirty (for Pyramid Magazine).


"I had worked with Daniel before on Play Dirty, Wilderness of Mirrors and No Loyal Knight and I loved his work. He knew how to invoke (and evoke) the style of the book, providing me with covers and interiors that caught the eye. He was the lure to the book's hook. He never let me down.

"When it came time to do the Houses of the Blooded interiors and cover, I knew Daniel was the man. I asked him to provide a template for me to work with, but as I did, it quickly became evident that despite my previous experience with layout and interior design, I was no match for the Mighty Mighty Solis. I threw more money at him and asked him to do the interiors himself. Not only did he provide me with something gorgeous, but he did it in a quarter of the time it would have taken me."

"Storn is part of the Sons of Kryos crew who were playtesting the game. When I started looking for an artist, I knew that I didn't just want a game artist, but a gamer. And I didn't just want a gamer, but someone who saw what I was trying to do with the game and could contribute to it.

"That was Storn.

"I don't remember if it was me or him who came up with the idea of making the pictures in the book all archaeological finds, but I'm pretty certain it was Storn's idea to put notes on the page. Somewhere in there, we came up with the conversation idea (two voices commenting on the same piece). Storn wrote all the primary text and I wrote the commentary. It was a great idea and Storn deserves all the credit, no matter who came up with it."


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