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While we are discovering and translating new pillowbooks every day, there are still very few complete volumes surviving to the modern day.

It is unclear precisely how the pillowbook was received in ven society. Most evidence suggests they were delicious pieces of scandal, much the same way we would treat a book of erotica. However, some strange inconsistencies have appeared to suggest that some pillowbooks, while ostensibly speaking of love and Romance, were about quite the opposite. Since publishing an outright screed against one's political enemies was often enough for them to declare Insult and seek revenge, many ven had to be far more circumspect. They would write a pillowbook which would often featuring a thinly disguised caricature of their enemy. While the enemy would never be publicly named, we assume it was well-known at the time who the pillowbook was speaking of.

However, this appears to be a minority of the pillowbooks of which we are currently aware. Most of the time, a smitten noble would write a pillowbook to describe the sort of Romance he wished, but was forbidden from pursuing with the object of his affections.

Game of Tears

One of the most popular pillowbooks is called A Game of Tears, and features two Blooded of the Fox, a brother and sister, as they cut a rather bloody swathe through ven society on their way to becoming Counts. There also appears to be some unspoken tension between the two siblings, though the source of that has not yet been discovered.

The translation project for A Game of Tears has been completed, and will be available on February 14th, 2010.

Crimson Sorrow

Less a pillowbook and more an oral history of the ven, Crimson Sorrow was studied and delivered primarily by Jessica Kauspedas. She presented her findings in a biweekly podcast comprised of fourteen episodes in total. All the episodes may be downloaded here

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