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The Duties of the Rake

Evidence is scant when it comes to this work. Some authors believe The Duties of the Rake was never a published book. Rather, not too unlike the modern Necronomicon, it was a book used by many authors to further the plot of their story along. References pop up often in pillowbooks, letters and even the occasional opera.

Crimson Sorrow

An oral history of the ven, published by Jessica Kauspedas. Her research focuses on a young baroness, a Mistress of the Roads, in the employ of one Countess Dosajee.

A Symphony In Yellow

When this opera was released, many ven found it so scandalous that its performance was banned in seven provinces. Ostensibly, it is the story of Tomas and Ismene Yvarai, ven whose stories are also told in the pillowbook, A Game of Tears

The Blood Opera

We have been fortunate enough to discover actual ven music. After much work and transcription, we are pleased to announce the Blood Opera is ready for publication. Interested researchers can find the Blood Opera in full here

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